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 New AgeNew Age Development Group grows from a small firm to multi-million company. 

By Kat Zeman, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Publishing

Every penny Dexter Lanigan earned, he invested into his new company. The ambition to succeed were propelled by a sense of duty and a drive to support his growing family. 

Shortly after serving a tour in the U.S. Marine Corps, Lanigan came home to Philadelphia to work as a union carpenter and soon started a family. In 2002, Lanigan and his wife Jaime were overjoyed when their first child, a baby girl named Alyssa, was born. New Age info box

But that joy was soon accompanied by a feeling of anxiety when the couple learned that their baby girl was born with a tumor in her lung. “For the first 10 months, we visited specialists twice a week,” Lanigan says. 

Baby Alyssa ended up undergoing a successful surgery that removed a part of her lung. “And I ended up with a $90,000 bill from the children’s hospital,” Lanigan adds. “I went to my carpenters’ union and found out that my insurance didn’t cover it.”   

In addition to working as a union carpenter, Lanigan took on a lot of side work and started developing relationships within the industry. “I was doing a lot of side work to make ends meet and then a guy approached me about starting my own company,” Lanigan says. “So, I went out on my own and started my company.” 

Birth Of A Company

Founded in 2002, New Age Development Group has quickly grown to become a leading full service general contractor and construction management firm headquartered in Conshohocken, Pa. Outside of Pennsylvania, the company operates mainly in New York but it has taken on work all over the country for existing clients upon request.  

“We have relationships with both private and public companies,” Lanigan says. “On occasion, our clients come back to us and ask us to travel to do certain jobs for them.” 

Specializing in general construction, government contracting, renovation, industrial work, tenant fit-outs, high-end residential/commercial and restaurant construction, New Age Development has grown into a $40 million company with 15 to 22 employees. It has developed commercial and industrial spaces across the United States with projects up to $47 million in value. 

“I literally took every penny I made and put it back into the company to buy tools and materials,” Lanigan says. “I continue to do that today. That’s how I’ve grown the company and we have zero debt.” 

Government Contracts  

Although New Age Development’s largest chunk of business currently comes from its commercial side, the company has been seeing an increased demand for its services in government projects. 

It has a contract with the U.S. Navy and has established a satellite office at the Philadelphia Naval Yard to handle the Navy’s various properties. This includes a lot of roofing, masonry work and interior renovations work. 

“We were awarded our first government contact in 2012,” Lanigan says. “By 2018, government work has grown to be about 40 percent of our business.”

But more government projects are on the horizon for New Age Development next year. “We have the flexibility to move where the economy is the strongest and right now we’re looking into a large project for the U.S. Airforce.” 

Diverse Jobs

On the commercial end, New Age Construction has developed relationships with a number of major players. This year, the company has handled 18 projects for the Aldi supermarket chain that have ranged from new construction to renovations. “We’ve been working with them for over two years,” Lanigan says. “Our relationships with our customers keep them coming back.”

Also this year, New Age Development built a new Starbucks coffee shop and a Verizon store at the Waterstone Pad in Langhorne, Pa. 

Aside from retail, the company has worked on a number of projects involving veteran’s hospitals. In Pennsylvania, it made renovations to the Lebanon VA Medical Center. That included refacing the entire exterior, removing an existing facade and installing new brick windows – all while the hospital was in operation. 

For the Philadelphia VA Medical Center, New Age Development built labs for its Sterilization Processing Department. “It was interesting because we actually dug about 18 feet into the basement ground of the hospital to build labs and offices,” Lanigan says. 

New Age Development has even tackled animal hospitals. It has renovated five BluePearl veterinary hospitals in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The company says it relies on strong relationships with its subcontractors to ensure that its clients receive the best construction experience possible, especially while we work in occupied spaces. It follows a team approach and offers a streamlined project management program. 

“We’ve evolved into a general contractor and construction management so we’re not just overseeing the work,” Lanigan says. “We like to get involved in the beginning of a project and really work with the owners, architects and subcontractors.” 

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