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Hayes MechanicalHayes Mechanical celebrates its 100th anniversary and looks to expand.  

By Kat Zeman, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Publishing

Led by a new CEO, Hayes Mechanical is positioning itself for further growth and plans to expand its portfolio to offer full services at each of its locations. 

The company, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, has a customer base in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Nebraska, Arizona, Texas and Pennsylvania. Hayes Mechanical info box

“One of our growth strategies is to service our customer base wherever they may go in the U.S.,” says Paul Hayes, who joined the company this year as its new CEO. “We’re exploring the possibility of opening three new remote branch offices.” 

Although still to be determined, the company is exploring locations throughout the West Coast and southern United States. Founded in 1918, Chicago-based Hayes Mechanical is a one stop, full service mechanical contractor specializing in both commercial and industrial work and offers 24-hour emergency service. 

“It’s incredible to be part of a company that has such a great legacy and is positioned for success in the future,” says Hayes, who is not related to Hayes family. 

“But I am sure proud to be here,” he adds. “I will leverage my diverse background and 28 years of contracting and service background to continue to build on the great foundation of Hayes and bring some new insight on how to continue to grow with our customer base and look at other market sectors, locations and offerings we can add to our vast portfolio that will bring value to our customers.”

Hayes Mechanical is a recognized leader in the industrial arena, servicing large power plants, steel mills, foundries and production facilities. Its commercial business – that focuses on mechanical services – is among its fastest growing segments. 

“This is fueled by our geographic expansion and executing our three-year strategic plan,” Hayes says. 

The company’s full portfolio of mechanical service capabilities includes boiler making, pipefitting, millwright services, sheet metal fabrications, plumbing and electrical contracting and controls.

Expanding Portfolio 

Hayes Mechanical has nine locations throughout the United States. But not all of them offer the company’s full portfolio of services. “My vision is to bring our full service portfolio to each location,” Hayes says. “Every office may not have it right now, but we want to have it at all locations over the next three years.” 

The company’s plans for expansion also stem from an increasing need for its services. “We have a 100-year legacy of providing great service. Some of our customers have been with us for over 80 years and as they grow we grow with them. That’s a big component of our growth – our customer loyalty and our passion to service our customers.” 

Its customers are very procurement driven and look for organizations to help them drive productivity, he says, adding: “We have very strong relationships with our customers. We deliver good quality service and do it right the first time,” he says.  

Plumbing and HVAC services are among some of the company’s fastest growing parts of the business. Hayes Mechanical has qualified project teams capable of tackling high-end, commercial, manufacturing and industrial HVAC projects. 

It offers solutions for heating, ventilating and air conditioning needs. Its areas of expertise consist of the integration, installation and start-up of HVAC systems. Since the company owns a full service sheet metal shop, it can handle galvanized and stainless steel duct installations, single-wall and double-wall stack installations, full service HVAC fabrication and installation and specialty sheet metal services (formed and welded).

When it comes to plumbing, Hayes Mechanical’s licensed plumbing teams include experienced, qualified personnel capable of designing and installing plumbing systems. The company specializes in domestic hot water systems, equipment install, facility drainage systems, backflow and reduced pressure zones. 

“No job is too big or too small when it comes to servicing our customers,” Hayes says. “We have the capability to support our customers on large retrofits and new construction to ongoing service and maintenance after the initial construction.”

Focus on Safety 

Hayes Mechanical places a high emphasis on safety and the role it plays in the success and stamina of an organization. In challenging work environments, Hayes Mechanical remains dedicated to an injury and illness free workplace. This passion for safety is reflected by its commitment to continuous improvement of safety standards for all employees.

“Safety is upmost priority at Hayes,” adds Hayes. “I begin every meeting with a safety discussion to continue to drive the importance of safety. Our goal is zero accidents and until that is achieved our focus every day is on safety. Every employee should go home from work in the same condition they showed up that morning. That is our commitment to our employees and their families.” 

Hayes continues that “there are no compromises or short cuts when it comes to safety, we will stop work or stand down if an environment is unsafe for our employees, the other subcontractors and our owners.”

Hayes Mechanical has been recognized by its customers and the industry for its safety practices. In 2016 and 2017, the company received the Zero Injury Awards Generation CCSC from NIPSCO. Also, Three Rivers Manufacturers Association recognized Hayes with a Meritorious Performance Award for working without an OSHA recordable injury in 2016 and 2017. “Our OSHA OIR rating at Hayes Mechanical is best in class in the industry but we are not satisfied until we have zero accidents,” adds Hayes. 

A Growing Legacy 

The company that is known as Hayes Mechanical today started as Dan Hayes Boiler & Repair Co. Its founder, Daniel Hayes, was an amateur boxer who also worked as a boilermaker. 

He started the company with his wife, Nell, in 1918. Daniel did the estimating and repairs himself, while Nell ran the office, including the bookkeeping and secretarial part of the business. 

Developing a reputation for honesty and integrity, Daniel’s business soon built a solid business in the uptown area of Chicago. More family members joined the company in the 50s and 60s. 

In the 70s, the company experienced a significant growth and added services to its portfolio. That included rental boilers, piping fabrication and temperature control installation and maintenance, as well as fluid engineering services. In 1979, Dan Hayes Boiler & Repair Co. changed its name to Hayes Boiler & Mechanical Inc. to reflect the expansion of the core business of the company.

Throughout the 90s, Hayes Boiler & Mechanical had continued to expand its core business and increased its geographical area coverage. It also added stud welding to its portfolio in 1995. 

In addition, the company started forming strategic alliances and joint ventures with former competitors. It merged with Standard Boiler & Tank Co. and became Standard Hayes Boiler & Tank LLC. This division custom designs, engineers, fabricates and installs pressure vessels of every imaginative size, shape and use. 

Additional alliances have expanded the company presence in the power boiler and power generation industries. In 1997, the Hayes Boiler & Mechanical Inc. shortened its name to Hayes Mechanical Inc. Sheetmetal, which had previously been subcontracted, was brought inhouse. That part of the business has been steadily expanding ever since and now includes a sheet metal fabrication facility.

Today, Hayes Mechanical still has customers in the Chicago area and operates as a third generation family-owned company. 

“In today’s day and age, it’s amazing that an organization has been around for 100 years,” Hayes says. “It’s fun to be a part of it and it’s a testament to the people and their passion and will to service the customer.” 


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