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Rogers OBrien picRogers-O’Brien Construction uses innovative technology to deliver a high-quality product, and its latest project is no exception.
By Bianca Herron

Rogers-O’Brien Construction (RO) has become one of the leading general contractors in Texas since its founding in 1969. With offices in Austin, Dallas and Houston, the Texas-based company provides a range of preconstruction and construction management services for a variety of industries, including healthcare, mixed-use, residential and corporate.

After nearly 50 years in the industry, the company’s culture and reputation continue to set it a part from its competition, Project Manager Dustin Moore says. “We’ve been around for a long time and have had very good leadership for 50 years,” Moore says proudly. “Also, staying on top of the new technology in the industry has helped us to be the premier builder in Texas. We’re always looking to better our processes so that we can make each project more efficient and faster, and deliver a good product to our customers.”

Nearing Completion

RO’s latest project is a four-story, 250,000-square-foot tilt-wall office building for Texas-based developer Billingsley Company. The main tenant is Signet Jewelers, one of the world’s largest retail diamond jewelers. The building will sit lakeside near Northlake in Irving, Texas.

“We work directly with Billingsley and have partnered on projects with them in the past, but this is our first job with Signet,” Moore notes. “RO has a very good relationship with Billingsley over the years.”

What makes this project unique is that it’s about 50 feet from Northlake, according to Moore. “It’s part of the Cypress Waters development here in Dallas, which is 1,000 acres,” he explains. “This project is being built on one of the peninsulas of the lake. So there will be some pretty nice views from the building once completed, as it’ll look directly over the water.” 

RO started construction September 2016 and will complete the project in October. “The biggest challenge for us was figuring out how to sequence a panel erection with such close proximity to the lake,” Moore says. “We had three- and four-story-tall tilt-wall panels that had to be laid and erected, and because we’re very close to the lake it was a challenge erecting them.

“With buy-in from all team members, we decided to cast most of our panels on the building slab,” he continued. “So we stacked multiple panels, and built a crane road about 30 feet wide around the building. After that, we had to walk around the building to erect the panels.”

The company also built a 5-foot crawl space below the first floor. “We technically did everything backwards because the design of the building is so unique and its proximity to the lake,” Moore explains. “We had casting beds over the building pad, so once we had the panels erected we erected floors two through four, then excavated five feet down for the crawl space and erected the first level last.” Rogers OBrien box

In addition, one of the unique features of the building will be a 30-foot-tall stone wall in the lobby. “It will be a very high-end lobby featuring five-by-10-foot stone tile pieces, which weigh about 800 pounds each,” Moore says. “This is a first for me, as I’ve never constructed anything like this before. The designer for the project has done something similar for other projects; however, not at this large scale. We’re about a month away from starting that work and it’ll be interesting to see once it’s completed.”

Moore notes that the overall project has been “very smooth” with the help of its trade partners. “Since our subcontractors have been on board, it’s been a really good project,” he says. “At RO, we like to make our subcontractors feel a part of the team and feel accountable for their areas of work. We’re all working towards a common goal and want to be successful. Our subcontractors are strong, and they really have bought into the plan and impacted how we’ve sequenced things. They have made this job successful so far.”

Maintaining safety has also been key to the project’s success. “To date, we have not had any incidents,” Moore says. “We hold everyone accountable when it comes to safety. That’s why we hold weekly safety meetings, including preconstruction meetings with every subcontractor before they start work. We have our subcontractors complete job hazard analyses for their scope of work. Every person who is a part of the team keeps an eye out for each other while walking the project site. Safety is the No. 1 topic in all of our foremen meetings.”

Once the project is completed this fall, Moore plans to deliver a building that exceeds the client’s expectations. “During the course of construction, we think of the project’s design and how it will apply to future use,” he concludes. “The main goal, and what we all strive for, is to turn over a quality product that everyone is proud of.”  

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