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Construction ResultsConstruction Results Corporation develops a reputation for tackling unique and complicated projects.
By Kat Zeman

Construction Results Corporation is always up for a challenge. Be it structural or financial, the Plymouth, Minn.-based commercial and industrial builder doesn’t frown upon unique and challenging projects.

When a convenience store in a skyway adjacent to the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis wanted to stay open during remodeling, Construction Results made it happen – with minimal disruption to its client’s business.

When the Mall of America wanted to expand its food court under very tight time constraints, Construction Results delivered.

“I think clients realize that all contractors are not created equal,” says Mark Snyder, the company’s president and founder. “We have a reputation for quality, service and value.”

Founded in 1999, the company has completed more than 5,000 projects, both large and small, and generated roughly $150 million in revenue since its inception. Starting at $2.5 million in revenue its first year, Construction Results now generates around $15 million annually.

“2016 was our biggest year yet,” Mark Snyder says. “But I don’t want to grow just to grow. It has to be the right job for the right clients. It’s not top line growth that is important to us. For us, our bottom line is long-term customer satisfaction.”

Operating primarily in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, about 75 percent of Construction Results’ business is commercial – the remainder being industrial. It specializes in renovation, remodeling projects and building additions.

Building a Future

With its reputation for unique and interesting projects, Construction Results has landed many repeat clients as well as new ones. One of the company’s new clients, Fly Feet Running fitness center in Minneapolis, wanted a fresh look for its 1920s building. Remodeling historical buildings often presents unforeseeable challenges, but Construction Results met its client’s needs and finished the project on time. construction results box

A repeat client, Church of the Holy Name in Minneapolis, wanted an elevator in its sanctuary for aging parishioners. In an effort to save the church money, Construction Results built a vertical platform lift in the back of the church’s sanctuary – a much less expensive option compared to an elevator.

“It was challenging because we had to remove an entire stairway in the back of the sanctuary,” says John Snyder, the company’s vice president and co-owner, adding that Construction Results has completed more than a dozen projects for the church.

Another interesting project involved covering 40 large liquid propane storage tanks with 23,000 cubic yards of sand and then capping it all with 1,000 cubic yards of crushed limestone. The client was CenterPoint Energy, a Houston-based gas and electric provider with more than 3.2 million customers in six states. Over the years, Construction Results has worked on a number of projects for CenterPoint that include the construction of several natural gas regulator buildings.

Delivering Results

No job is too small for Construction Results. The company prides itself on being able to juggle projects of various shapes and sizes. They range from small “service type” projects that generate less than one thousand dollars to multimillion-dollar deals.

“Not every job is a huge job,” John Snyder says. “We do a lot of smaller jobs, to have new clients see how well we can perform. I think that’s what sets us apart from our competition. We’re big enough to handle multimillion dollar projects yet we’re also able to care about quality and service on smaller projects as well.”

The majority of the company’s business involves tenant improvement work, with many repeat clients and new work gained through word-of-mouth.

Among its various clients are industrial & manufacturing companies, churches, schools, retail stores, restaurants and healthcare facilities. Some of its biggest customers include CenterPoint Energy, Donaldson Company, General Mills, Gerdau Ameristeel, Macy’s department stores and the Mall of America.

Though Construction Results values all of its clients, it has a special fondness for working with churches. “As men of faith, we especially enjoy managing construction projects for churches,” Mark Snyder says. “Since church budgets are typically very tight, they appreciate our company because we can perform some of the work with our own crews … that saves the client the subcontractor’s mark-up and it gives us tight control over project schedule and quality.”

The company employs its own on-site crews that can perform anything from demolition to concrete work and carpentry.

Sharing Profits

A company is only as good as its people, Mark Snyder says. One method for keeping its employees happy is profit-sharing.

“I have recently been allowing our executive team to be shareholders of the company,” he says. “This keeps them loyal to the company and they become more driven for our long-term success.”

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