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Links Construction Portfolio Cambria Hotel x2Links Construction believes its true success comes from satisfying its clients.
By Jim Harris

Links Construction believes it exists to make its clients successful. “It is very important for a company to have a higher purpose,” President Justin Beedle says. “If you’re strictly there to make money, you won’t attract employees who will want to be there for a long time.”

All of the Denton, Texas-based company’s operations are centered on the needs of its customers, which include large national companies as well as entrepreneurs and small business owners. “It is easy to identify the frustrations that people have with the construction industry; we try to highlight what we feel the five biggest frustrations are and make correcting those our vision items,” he adds.

The first part of the five-point vision involves ensuring the company maintains open and honest communications with its clients, while the second is to be wise stewards of the money clients entrust in it to build a project. The company’s third goal is to hit the timelines it promises to clients, Beedle says.

Links’ fourth goal is to make sure that its building activities are the least of its clients’ expansion worries.

“Most of the time, construction is the most stressful part of an entrepreneur’s expansion plan; we’re trying to lessen that for them,” Beedle says.

Once a project is completed, Links seeks to fulfill the fifth part of its vision. “We want to make sure opening day is as smooth and seamless as possible, and that we are all hands on deck for that event. If I have to be there serving donuts at the grand opening, I will be,” he adds. “Our team is there at every opening making sure that there are not any issues that need to be handled on that important day.” Links box

Beedle joined the company in 2012 after previously serving as a construction manager for Aldi, where he helped oversee the building of 27 of the grocery store’s locations in Texas. Prior to that, he co-owned commercial construction companies in Texas and Nevada and served in the U.S. Marine Corps.

“During my time with Aldi, I had the opportunity to interview 200 general contractors to come up with a list of 10 we could use to build stores,” he says. “What I realized through that process is that 85 percent of general contractors have the ability to build a project, so the way we deliver that project to the owner is the main thing we can do to differentiate ourselves.

“We want to deliver a project to the owner in the absolute best way possible, so that we can continue to earn their business,” Beedle adds.

Diverse Markets

Client service has been at the core of the company since it opened its doors in 2007. The company was founded by partners Brandon Martino and Lee Ramsey, the owners of Orison Holdings LLC, Links’ parent organization. In terms of revenue, Links is the largest of Orison’s holdings, Beedle says.

Links specializes in commercial construction such as retail stores, hotels, restaurants and offices. It also operates a multifamily construction division as well as built manufacturing and industrial facilities. The company is licensed in 14 states, giving it the ability to build for national clients such as Chick-Fil-A and McDonald’s.

“We try to be very diversified in what we do, and that is because we’ve learned that, in a down economy, there’s a demand for quick service restaurants and multi-family rental housing,” he notes. “When the market is up, office and medical buildings are in demand because investors are excited about the economy and willing to take risks. We don’t want to put all of our eggs in one basket.”

The majority of the company’s projects are design/build. “We build many projects for the owners of Links each year, and theyconstantly challenge us when it comes to cost and processes. This gives us the ability to look at projects from an owner’s, instead of just a general contractor’s, point-of-view,” Beedle says. “We handle the design and full communication and permitting with the city; our clients only have one person to contact, and that’s us.”

Experience Applied

Links is applying its 10 years of building experience to a number of projects in Texas and other markets. Earlier this year, Links Construction began work on Liv+, a student apartment complex near the University of Texas at Arlington. The 253-unit complex, described by developer and owner Starks Enterprises of Cleveland as “the next generation of student apartment living,” is slated for a June 2018 completion.

The company last October finished building a 175-room Cambria Suites hotel for client Fillmore Hospitality LLC in Southlake, Texas. “The Cambria Suites flag is starting to become popular, so this hotel is one of the first of its kind to be opened in the area,” Beedle says.

The hotel is next door to a 115,000-square-foot, four-story tilt-wall office building Links started work last June for client Medici Development Partners. The Class A office building – designed by architect Boka Powell of Dallas –

will house several commercial tenants including Keller Williams Realty. The building will be completed in June 2017.

Work will conclude in May on a three-story office building in McKinney, Texas, for owner Mark Smith of 2 Green Partners. The building, designed by Bates/Martin Architects of Denton, Texas, will house commercial and medical office tenants.

A core group of subcontractors play a critical role in Links’ projects. The company uses the ProQual software to closely vet potential subcontractors, and often uses the same subcontractors on many of its projects. “Subcontractors are, frankly, everything to us, as without them, we accomplish nothing,” Beedle says.

Transformational Leaders

At the time Beedle became Links’ president, the company had revenues of $12 million. This year, the company projects total revenue of well over $100 million. “One thing we’re proud of and that we’ve tried to manage is, in the five years I’ve been here, Links has grown by more than 1,000 percent,” he says. “We attribute that to hiring great people who attract great clients, as well as ownership that is willing to invest in software and tools that we need to best do our jobs.”

All of the company’s employees are required to receive industry certifications. “We want to be transformational leaders here and want our people to grow,” Beedle says. “We want them to pursue any type of education that will help and benefit them; we believe that if they are progressing, that we will as well.”

Many of Links’ recent hires are Armed Forces veterans. “We hire a lot of military officers who are just leaving the service, and that is something we’re very proud of,” Beedle adds. “They have characteristics and qualities that we desire, and which are hard to find without that experience.”

Controlled growth remains a high priority for Links’ staff. “I want to make sure that, as a company, we are continuing to grow at a safe and manageable rate,” Beedle says.

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