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Shelco pic5000 CentreGreen is the latest example of Highwoods’ practice of building in markets it knows well.

By Chris Kelsch

To understand what has driven the recent success of Highwoods Properties, one needs to become familiar with the term “BBD.” It is an acronym for “Best Business District” and is the primary focus of where Highwoods likes to develop and manage properties.

According to Highwoods, BBDs are highly energized, infill business communities that enhance their customers ability to attract and retain employees as well as their own customers. BBDs are typically surrounded by lots of amenities and are well-located within larger metropolitan areas.

One of those larger areas is Highwoods’ hometown of Raleigh, N.C., which has seen tremendous growth thanks to a booming high-tech start-up culture. Additionally, the presence of three major universities – Duke, North Carolina State and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill continues to ensure there are plenty of good jobs and an available talent pool in the area.

Hence the need for developments such as CentreGreen Corporate Park in Cary, N.C., just outside of Raleigh. A 41-acre development, it was started in 2000. In February 2016, plans were announced for 5000 CentreGreen, a five-story, 165,000-square-foot office building that will be the largest of five (there are currently four) buildings in CentreGreen Park, which typically average 98,000 square feet. Ground broke in April 2016, and the building is set for completion in August.

Strong Partnership

To complete this project, Highwoods turned to a trusted partner in handling General Contracting duties. Shelco, one of the largest privately held general contracting companies in the Southeast, was chosen. Cody Hornor of Shelco served as Senior Project Manager on 5000 CentreGreen. “We have a ton of history with Highwoods,” says Hornor. “We built the other four buildings in CentreGreen Park.” Shelco

Indeed, Shelco has worked with Highwoods dating back to 1999, when CentreGreen Park was started. Not only have they built the other buildings in CentreGreen Park, they have also built GlenLake Five for Highwoods, a 122,000 square foot office building, also in Raleigh. “They are definitely one of our biggest clients in Raleigh, and we generally move heaven and earth to get something done for them when they need it,” says Hornor.

Modern Touches

On the outside, the building may look like a typical office building made of steel with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. But on the inside, it will be different from other offerings. Several amenities are tailored to the needs of a 21st century workforce, according to Robert Esposito, project manager for Highwoods.

“The primary feature will be a stunning lobby,” Esposito says. “Given the fact that Highwoods recognizes the importance of strong lobbies in making an impression on potential customers, extra care and detail were added to ensure a dramatic effect.”

Within the lobby are several unique options for the building’s customers to meet and gather. Billed as “The Verve by Highwoods Properties,” it will be a space where workers can gather outside of traditional office spaces. “We’re seeing a lot more demand for collaborative spaces, where workers can gather outside of the office and generate creative ideas,” Esposito says. “Customers will also see a lot more quiet areas. Furnishings such as comfortable seating and benches should encourage casual interaction.”  Communal worktables will also be added, along with supportive technology such as Wi-Fi, Flat Screen TVs, and other electronic devices. The TVs will have USB plugs, so workers can bring their thumb drives and have an impromptu presentation.

Additionally, other amenities on site encourage a strong work-life balance. There is already an on-site fitness center called “Velocity by Highwoods Properties” to go along with several miles of hiking and biking trails. There is also “Take 5 Café by Highwoods Properties” a café that offers convenient food options. The office park also surrounds an expansive lawn, with several seating areas where workers can meet outside, or simply sit outside and answer e-mails. Companies can hold outdoor events on the lawn as well.

Though all of the amenities offered outside the office should excite future customers, the spaces within the offices themselves will sport a more modern look and feel. The theory is that work does not necessarily have to take place at a desk or cubicle, so unique spaces with gathering tables and benches are also being offered within the corporate space. The building is also being built to LEED specifications, ensuring energy savings for its customers.

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