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Millie and SeversonMillie and Severson attributes its success to a high percentage of repeat clients due to a market share of strong relationships with long standing clients, architects and subcontractors.

By Bianca Herron

The Perris Circle Industrial Park is a two-building development totaling 594,000-square-feet in Perris, Calif. The site, which is an industrial area for freight and truck carriers, will provide users convenient access to the I-215 freeway, and main highway arteries to the freeway. It also provides service to San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties for shipment of product, says John Murray, project executive at Millie and Severson, the company constructing the buildings.

“The park is located in the Inland Empire in the city of Perris, which is not far geographically from the March Air Force Base,” says Murray. “We started construction in the fall of 2015 and will wrap it up sometime this month. The two buildings are speculative and will either be leased or purchased by prospective tenants.”Millie and Severson info box

The first building in Perris Circle’s park is a 36-foot clearance height, 474,000-square-foot cross-dock warehouse that includes 112 dock-high doors and parking for 153 trailers. The second building is 32-foot clearance, 120,000-square-feet and includes 24 dock-high doors and parking for 31 trailers.

Making It Happen

Although constructing the second building did not present many challenges, the first building certainly gave way to more than Millie and Severson expected, according to Murray.

“Import design was based on soil shrinkage from a range per the soils report that was lower than actual site conditions. Actual shrinkage increased by 25 percent, which translated into a large amount of import on site,” he explains. “When we realized it, we needed in excess of 25,000 yards of additional dirt on site. Part of it was due to the shrinkage of the soil properties was more than what we anticipated.”

The weather also proved to be a challenge as it rained most of March and April during panelized erection and roof membrane system installations. “We managed to dry in the northern half ahead of the major storm events, but missed out on the southern half,” Murray says. “Naturally, weather won out in this case on the latter half, which created some weather damage.”

Because the open roof left the oriented strand board (OSB) exposed to the rain, according to Murray, Millie and Severson had to shore up some of the OSB with sub-purlins and replace a few sheets of the roof diaphragm. “Depending upon the ponding damage in areas, it is recommended to replace them, which we did as required,” Murray says.

“In reference to the paving subgrade, the over optimum moisture level in the soil had to be maintained at a higher level to ensure we were providing quality, concrete paving in the truck courts and truck drive aisles,” he continues. “As noted, hot-weather temperatures in the summer in Perris rise to 100-degree temperatures or more in the mid-day, which directly impacts our subgrade moisture level, thus drying out the subgrade rapidly.”

Millie and Severson’s subcontractors played an invaluable role in overcoming many of the challenges, Murray noted. “As an employee-owned company, we don’t self-perform any work so we depend on scheduling, expertise and performance of our subcontractors and vendors to deliver a high-end product, ” he says. “We have a large range of subcontractors in our data base, and maintain that by qualifying the type of project subcontractor’s our suited for, and choosing the appropriate three to five trades for each bid opportunity. For each project, the goal of our company is to select the appropriate type of subcontractors for the work so that they can be successful, which transfers to timely delivery and quality product to our clients.”

Thinking Ahead

With any project, unforeseen challenges can come about. Companies can, however, avoid some of these field conditions by taking the necessary steps in planning, constructability review and field reviews of ongoing site conditions to limit issues, according to Murray.

“Part of the challenges on any job is that agency approval on design may at times be a lengthy process,” he explains. “For this project, challenges were overcome with the respective agencies by closely working with them to facilitate portions of the work so construction could continue to progress.  Project success with the various agency groups and government entities is understanding their unique procedures and working closely to minimize delays in the approval process before segments of construction commence. It allows steady progression in the field and keeps the project moving forward.

“Ultimately, I’m very pleased with the quality of the work, particularly with the Tilt Panel Construction and concrete paving,” Murray continues. “The project quality is turning out well.”

Built to Last

In 1947, Millie and Severson was founded by Noble Millie and Charles Severson. The company has since become a leading full-service general contractor in California, working on a variety of project types, including commercial, healthcare, senior housing and institutional.

“We have offices in both Northern and Southern California, as well as a remote office in the Inland Empire, which houses most of our estimating department,” says Murray. “We are well known in the southern California area due to our tenure in the industry, which has contributed to our success as a company.”

Murray also attributes the company’s success to its repeat clientele business, which varies, but generally ranges from 65 to 80 percent annually. “Most of our customers come from long-term client relationships and referrals. I think it is the evidence of our commitment to the industry, as well as the trust we have built over the years from our clients,” he concludes. “We strive to go the extra mile for our customers and emphasize delivering service in quality, schedule and cost.”

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