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Reeves YoungReeves Young is at work on several jobs for the Atlanta Braves.

By Alan Dorich

For Reeves Young, construction projects are more about relationships than just building things. They are also about the relationships that they form with their clients, Sr. Project Manager Ted Roberts says. “That’s the value we bring to it, a commitment to our clients,” he states.

“We get a lot of repeat business [because] we treat our clients right,” he says. “We look out for them. We definitely value turning over a quality project.”Reeves Young info box

The general contractor is bringing that approach to several projects it is building for the Atlanta Braves around its new stadium, SunTrust Park, which also is under construction. Reeves Young’s work includes the Entertainment Block that is part of a mixed-use development that is outside of the sports arena.

“It looks like we’re building a city, not a sports arena,” Roberts says, noting that the block includes the Roxy Theatre, a live entertainment venue that will share the name of a historic location that once stood in Atlanta. “It was originally a movie theater that was converted to a live music venue.”

Although the original Roxy was torn down, the new theater will cover 54,000 square feet with a main auditorium and stage, as well as a second floor with a VIP room and bars. “The Braves are developing it, but it will be leased to Live Nation,” Roberts says, noting that it will be finished sometime in January 2017.

A Unique Structure

The entertainment block also includes a four-story office building, which Reeves Young built using a unique approach. “We built it as a tilt-up, like you would a big-box distribution center,” Roberts says, noting that four-story tilt-ups are rare in the state of Georgia.

The facility also is unique since it stands four stories but has a relatively small footprint. During the process, “We cast the exterior brick into the panels,” Roberts recalls. “Once we did that and stood the panels up, the exterior was done.

“It’s a good looking building with its architectural features,” he says, noting that the project was recognized with the 26th Annual Tilt-up Achievement Award from the Tilt-Up Concrete Association.

Although Reeves Young was initially contracted for the building’s core and shell, “We’ve also been given some of the tenant build-out, which will carry on past January,” he says, noting that the Braves have already leased space in the structure.

In addition to the team occupying an office, its tenants will include 680 The Fan, a local FM station “that’s affiliated with the Braves,” Roberts describes. “They’ve also leased space to SunTrust.”

For the Braves

Reeves Young’s other projects for the Braves include a five-level parking deck with 395 parking spaces, which is the third component of the entertainment block. “We’re about 80 percent done with that,” Roberts says.

The company also is building a pedestrian bridge, which has been broken up into two 170-foot-long spans. “The bridge brings offsite pedestrian traffic from across Interstate-75 onto the Braves Stadium property,” he describes.

It also connects to a parking lot that the company is building nearby, separate from the deck. “When it’s all said and done, it’ll have 817 spaces,” he says, noting that both the bridge and lot will be finished in March 2017.

Reeves Young also has taken on several infrastructure jobs for the Braves at the new stadium. “With all this new construction going on, there were some gaps,” he says. “The Braves are giving us the gaps as they arise.”

Safe and Sound

Reeves Young has maintained a strong safety record on its projects for the Atlanta Braves. “We can proudly say that we’ve had no lost-time accidents on this,” Roberts says. “We’ve even had no minor accidents on the projects.

“That’s just part of a culture you establish as a company,” he says, noting that this achievement is especially significant when considering that there are several large general contractors on site. “The whole complex is divvied up between multiple general contractors, so we all have to use the same infrastructure to get to and from work.”

Getting parking spaces is usually complicated on any construction project, “But it’s multiplied by the fact that you’ve got multiple general contractors competing for parking,” he says. “We just had to learn with all the general contractors to really work together from a safety standpoint and watch each other’s back.”

Finding Manpower

Reeves Young is pleased with the work of its subcontractors, which helped get it awarded the Braves’ projects, Roberts says. Before the Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Falcons football team decided to both build new stadiums in the same year, the construction market was stagnant, he recalls.

Within a four-month span, both teams announced that they were going to build new stadiums. “It’s a race to the finish to see which one’s going to [be done] first,” Roberts says.

But these announcements made things more complicated for general contractors as they tried to find available subs. “It went from famine to feast overnight,” he recalls. “A lot of the subs had cut their manpower down and couldn’t gear up fast enough.”

Fortunately, Reeves Young coped by employing sub-trades that it has used repeatedly in the past. “That allowed us to circumvent manpower problems and other issues you would tend to have,” he says.

Leaps and Bounds

Based in Suwanee, Ga., Reeves Young says it provides expertise in construction management, general contracting and subcontracting. “It’s a testament to our trustworthiness and our comprehensive approach that our peers in the industry – some of the largest general contractors in the country – rely on us to deliver complex turnkey sitework packages,” the company says.

Roberts, who has been with Reeves Young for two years, credits its success to its staff, which brings a combination of both youth and experience. “The average age of half of our employees is probably 25 and the average age of the rest ... [is] 40 to 50,” he says.

“It’s a good mix of a young, dynamic team combined with some experience to help mentor them moving forward,” he says, noting that this reflects the company’s “open-minded” approach. “We purposely say we’re going to learn something new every day.”

Not only did the company have to learn new things when doing the tilt-up on the office building, it also learned lessons when working with Live Nation. “How they want their build-out to be done on the Roxy Theater has definitely been a learning experience for us,” Roberts says.

The different elements of the projects also required Reeves Young to make transitions. “We’ve gone from doing vertical construction to horizontal construction, due to the fact that we’re managing bridge and parking work, compared to the buildings we are doing,” he says.

He sees a strong future for the company. “Reeves Young is growing by leaps and bounds,” he says. “I honestly see Reeves Young in the next four years being a large construction company that rivals some of the largest [competitors] here in the Southeast.”

An Open Book

Reeves Young’s portfolio includes government, education and corporate building projects. “Our diverse portfolio represents more than four million square feet of space and features many repeat clients,” the company says.

“With Reeves Young, clients experience an open book, team approach and a pleasant project experience,” it says. “At the same time, clients are confident that safety is maintained, the highest quality is delivered and the value was integrated throughout the process. Committed to upholding the schedule, Reeves Young is a loyal steward of public and private funds.”

For more than 60 years, the company also has provided site development services and grading, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and domestic water services to commercial projects. “Able to provide heavy civil work as both a general contractor and a subcontractor, our clients include large general contractors, municipalities and developers,” it says.

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