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MC Construction ManagementMC Construction Management’s ability to go above and beyond for its retail clients has helped it excel as a commercial general contractor.
By Eric Slack

Since 2001, MC Construction Management Inc. has established itself as a nationally recognized commercial general contractor. Working in the western half of the United States, MC specializes in retail, medical, restaurant, office, automotive, financial, entertainment, ground-up and tenant improvement construction.

“Having been a senior vice president with a retail contractor, I knew how to build retail stores and bring the required skillsets into the company,” owner Jim McClymonds says. “Today we have 11 people in the office and 20-plus full-time superintendents in the field with 15 to 20 projects going on at any one time.”


Demonstrating Success

MC has constructed more than 6 million square feet on 700-plus projects worth more than $200 million. Around 70 percent of its projects are new builds, while the rest are remodels. While the company has been in business for 15 years, its founder and most of its personnel have been building and remodeling shopping mall stores, power centers and freestanding buildings for more than three decades.

The company’s completed projects are indicative of its ability to work with many of the nation’s top retailers. Its clients include Barnes & Noble, Bed Bath & Beyond, Gap Inc., Gentle Dental, Legoland Discovery Center, PetSmart, Total Wine, Ulta, Ann Taylor, Talbots, Calvin Klein, Heartland Dental, Carolina Herrera, Prada and Staples. MC Construction mgmt box

MC’s ability to work with its clients stems from its focus on providing high-quality customer and construction services. The company is intimately involved with its projects from bid to closeout, and it strives to maintain an extraordinarily professional communication process with each local, national and international client.

“We work with a lot of national retailers and get a lot of repeat business,” McClymonds says. “We get close to the owners and focus on doing a great job and walk them through the process. That is why they ask us to do more work for them.”

The company carefully coordinates interaction with the client, architect and subcontractor on all projects to avoid any surprises during closeout. MC also offers the completion of a punch list within seven days and project closeout within 30 days because it understands the critical nature of completing projects on time so its clients can open their doors to serve customers.

“The biggest thing with retail construction is the fact that the end date never changes,” McClymonds says. “What makes our niche special is that you have to hit the job running and keep things on schedule. Some retailers may provide materials like lighting, flooring and millwork, which allows for good planning. Others grow so fast that their vendors have trouble keeping up, and we have to adapt to keep jobs on schedule.”

Relationships Matter

One of the strengths that MC has in its corner is its staff. Many of its people have been with the company for 10 years or more, which can come in handy. For example, McClymonds says new builds tend to be easier projects than remodels. Retrofits need an experienced superintendent to help manage the process in a store that may continue running while upgrades are taking place.

“Everyone has to understand what is done each day and make sure stores can open the next day, making sure merchandise and racks are moved to accommodate work,” McClymonds says. “You need a super that can work closely with the store and communicate well. If you have the right team, they can coordinate all aspects in order to pull the jobs off.”

This need for exceptional staff is one of the reasons why MC has looked to promote from within, building people from project coordinators to project managers and promoting people from the field to the office. “We grow through word of mouth, and when you’ve been doing this a long time like we have you can rely on your experience to bring in the right people who can go with the flow and do a good job,” McClymonds says.

Another positive for MC is the relationships it has built with subcontractors. The company maintains a database that contains thousands of contractors, some that work in specific geographic locations and others that have a wider reach. When the company puts out bids for projects, its project managers can post jobs on MC’s RFP site and send that information to its database. This allows the company to track interest and make informed selections.

“There is a lot of work out there, and many subs are busy,” McClymonds says. “We have to make sure that our subs will have the capacity to handle the jobs. It is an industry-wide issue, but we try to use the best subs over and over because we have good relationships with them. We believe in paying them well and on time so they can cover their costs and pay their vendors.”

Currently, MC is in the midst of a growth period. This year, it will do around $30 to $32 million, which is up from an already record year in 2015. In fact, MC is looking to add an experienced project manager to its team, someone comfortable with retail projects. Having built a strong name with the client and subcontractor community, MC is confident that it can continue to grow at a sustainable pace.

Fortunately, retailers are building and improving stores, and developers are building many new shopping centers around the country. New shopping centers are a particularly strong area for MC because it is often involved with working on a number of stores in new centers before they open. Right now, the company is looking to continue building on the success it has seen in recent years.

“I’m happy with where we are, and I don’t want us to grow too fast and put people in the wrong places,” McClymonds says. “The goal is to continue the growth we’ve had in the last few years. The key is service. We do what we say we will, and we pride ourselves on getting stores done on time, turning over great projects and getting the facilities open for retailers and developers. When you have clients that want to work with you, that reputation will bring more work to you.”

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