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Whoop WirelessWhoop Wireless offers wireless mobile solutions that meet building owners’ specific needs.

By Chris Petersen

In the early days of wireless networking, a relatively small number of large property owners relied on telecommunications carriers to provide their buildings with the infrastructure necessary to keep mobile devices connected to their networks, much in the same way the phone company used to provide everyone with their telephones. However, just as telephones have evolved into mobile devices that can be customized to fit each user’s specific needs, today, large numbers of mid-sized property owners in the enterprise market segment are seeking out indoor wireless systems that can meet their critical business needs without being able to rely on the carriers’ resources.

Into a new BYOD enterprise-focused environment comes Whoop Wireless, a distributed antenna system (DAS) hardware OEM headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. The company manufactures and sells a uniquely architected DAS into the enterprise space. CEO Rich Paul-Hus says the company’s products are the perfect fit for the current environment, in which products must serve the needs of the end-user and all the carriers simultaneously. “We describe our DAS as the enterprise-era solution for in-building communications,” Paul-Hus says.Whoop Wireless info box

Paul-Hus is the co-owner of Hypower, Inc., an electrical contracting company with a telecommunications division. He and his partners were approached by representatives from a Silicon Valley company called Zone Access Technologies to install some DAS pilots for a large hotel chain. Paul-Hus says he and his partners at Hypower were so impressed by the technology that they formed a new company which merged with Zone Access Technologies to form Whoop Wireless.

Today, Whoop Wireless focuses on manufacturing DAS solutions for properties ranging from 30,000 square feet to 250,000 square feet. According to Paul-Hus, the company’s main customer base falls into four verticals the company refers to as “the four H’s:” hospitality, healthcare, higher-education, and high-rise commercial and residential. The company’s primary competition includes carrier-grade equipment manufacturers as well as smaller bi-directional amplifier solutions and small-cell solutions. Although the competition is numerous and varied, Paul-Hus emphasizes that they cannot fulfill the needs of customers the way that Whoop Wireless can. As building owners and companies become more comfortable with enterprise solutions to their wireless needs, Whoop Wireless is there to help them with the right solutions.

Clear Signals

Whoop Wireless’ DAS solution consists of a network of in-building antennas that broadcast mobile broadband and cellular coverage to mobile device users inside the building. An outdoor donor antenna picks up the signal from the carrier network cell tower, and that signal is pushed to an intelligent head-end that conditions that signal for distribution throughout the building via the antenna network. Whoop Wireless says its DAS solution is unique in the marketplace because it is a cost-effective, active system, with each antenna amplified by a powered coverage node. The company says its technology minimizes noise at the antenna and throughout the system, providing strong, uniform signals throughout the entire building.

Paul-Hus says Whoop Wireless also stands out from its competition because its solutions are designed with a balance between customers’ needs for service at a reasonable cost and carriers’ needs for network quality assurance. One of the primary ways the company keeps its customers’ needs in mind is simply keeping the cost of its equipment down. “We recognize that the cost is the driver in the enterprise,” Paul-Hus says. “It’s got to be affordable. If it’s not affordable, they’re simply not going to do it.”

By continually reviewing its designs and finding more affordable components, Whoop Wireless is able to offer DAS solutions to enterprise venues at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. But aside from offering solutions at a more affordable price point than its competitors, the company also offers a DAS infrastructure that is much easier to install and maintain.

Unlike many indoor wireless solutions, Paul-Hus says, Whoop Wireless’ systems don’t require any additional power, using the building’s existing power infrastructure for all of its needs. “Literally, we need a wall outlet and we plug our system into that,” he says.

Whoop Wireless’ technology also allows the company to remotely monitor and maintain its systems. This also means the company can commission a new system remotely, which results in wireless infrastructure that can be put to work within days, rather than months. Add to that the technology’s scalability and its carrier-neutrality and Paul-Hus says Whoop Wireless gives its customers flexibility that they would not have been able to enjoy in their DAS solutions a few years ago. “We are perfectly suited for the new enterprise-funded world,” he says.

Making Inroads

Enterprise DAS solutions are relatively new, which means customers as well as carriers are still not fully aware of how those solutions can work for them. Paul-Hus says the biggest challenge Whoop Wireless faces is educating carriers and service providers in regional markets about the efficacy of its DAS solutions. In the past, manufacturers would approach carriers with their technology first and work with them to integrate it into the carriers’ solutions. Today, however, the enterprise era means carriers have taken a more hands-off approach to the technology, meaning Whoop Wireless has to gain their confidence one at a time.

Paul-Hus says Whoop Wireless is gaining that confidence, and one of the keys to that is the company’s adherence to what he calls the “Whoopocratic Oath, to do no harm to the carrier networks.” He says that although many of its competitors consider only the needs of the users inside a building, Whoop Wireless’ solutions are also designed to minimize its equipment’s impact on networks outside of the customer’s walls.

Preparing for the Future

Whoop Wireless is committed to continuing to gain the trust of carriers and customers with new technology and new solutions. Paul-Hus says network protection is a greater concern than ever for carriers as the density of networks continues to rise, and at the same time keeping its equipment affordable is a primary concern for the company. “The complexity of doing that is our big challenge,” he says.

Still, Paul-Hus sees Whoop Wireless continuing to innovate, and the company plans to add new products throughout 2017, including new small-cell interface units and a public safety solution. As enterprise solutions become a much more popular option for building owners and businesses, Whoop Wireless is ready to help connect them to the larger world. 

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