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JH Greene picCreating and nurturing lasting relationships with clients is key to the success of JH Greene & Son Inc.

By Chris Petersen

JH Greene & Son Inc. has been serving the Mid-Atlantic region for more than 40 years, and Director of Preconstruction Tony Chase says the company’s longevity is thanks in large part to the long-term relationships it develops with clients. Even though the company continues to grow by taking on new clients and entering new sectors, Chase says JH Greene thrives by turning new clients into legacy clients that can be served repeatedly. Those relationships are made possible by the company’s extensive experience, diversified expertise, and attention to client value.

Founded in 1974 by James Greene Sr., who still has an active role within the company, JH Greene specializes in commercial work, including general construction, construction management and owner’s representation. Together with James Greene Jr., the current President, JH Greene has developed from its robust foundation into an even further diversified solutions provider. Chase says the company’s portfolio encompasses a wide range of commercial projects, including retail, restaurants, entertainment venues, healthcare facilities, office spaces and industrial projects.

Most of the company’s work is concentrated in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, and Chase says no matter where the company works or what type of work it does, the competition is fierce. “Regardless of project size or scope, there is never a lack of interested bidders,” he says. “What separates the interested from the qualified in these scenarios is a comprehensive proposal,” Chase continues. While maintaining clients’ vision, the JH Greene team believes their ability to develop potential cost savings through value engineering is a rare asset we aim to always uphold.

JH Greene has spent the last 40-plus years building a strong reputation in the Mid-Atlantic region. Chase says the company’s commitment to going above and beyond the call of duty for its clients has been the key to the company’s success over the years, and it anticipates that quality will continue to serve it well.

Full Services

In addition to a strong bid preparation, Chase says JH Greene has a few accompanying differentiators that allow it to stand head and shoulders above the competition. First and foremost among these is the company’s ability to deliver on its promises. “I’d say our exceptional track record of being on time and on budget is what sets us apart from our competition,” Chase says.

The company’s ability to deliver on its promises certainly has gone a long way to help JH Greene build long-term relationships with clients, but Chase says the company’s dedication to customer service goes beyond that. “We go the extra mile for our clients’ satisfaction,” he says. JH Greene box

In addition to the company’s complete turn-key construction services, JH Greene also offers its clients extensive services after construction is complete. Chase says JH Greene has a special division focused on facility maintenance, giving it the ability to help clients with their long-term facility needs. This means JH Greene can be a valued partner for its clients for the entire lifecycle of their facilities. “We don’t just focus on the big hit for the big project,” Chase says. “We will be there for the long-term.”

JH Greene also is committed to adapting to the changing nature of the construction industry, Chase says. One of the biggest areas of change has been the swift adoption of digital technology in virtually every phase of the construction project. Chase says the company has adapted by implementing new software platforms and mobile devices to stream information out to its field personnel to ensure that everyone always knows what’s going on at all times. “We’ve tried to align ourselves to that trend by evolving into the fast-changing technology world,” Chase says. “We’re staying ahead of the curve and making sure we have the right solutions in place.”

Making Changes

Chase describes the commercial construction landscape in the Mid-Atlantic region as dynamic and ever-changing. Particularly, JH Greene has seen a number of franchise concepts come and go over the last several years. The team has noticed that these “trending” store fronts’ lifecycles seem to come in waves. Once the buildup subsides and the next craze is sought, long-term relationships turn into a challenge. With relationships standing so paramount in JH Greene’s values, this tendency has been an interesting challenge to face.

Another recent trend JH Greene has taken note of is the modernization of senior living construction. One key plus for a successful senior living facility is to dissociate with the negative connotation of a nursing home or end of life type organization. Resident-focused facilities understand that the surroundings of a community that are safe and aesthetically pleasing don’t have to be archaic and uncomfortable. Chase explains, “This transition is an area to which JH Greene has lent itself significantly in service to our solid roster of senior living clients. We welcome these changes with excitement, as they have such weight in improving quality of life for residents.”

Chase says JH Greene is responding to these and other trends in the marketplace by focusing on expanding its footprint and adding to its design/build capabilities. These changes will allow the company to take on a greater variety of work from a greater variety of customers, according to Chase.

Although the company wants to expand, Chase says JH Greene will be careful not to expand so much that it loses the regional focus that has been the hallmark of its work. The company differentiates itself through its value-added, long-term relationships with customers, and remaining focused on the Mid-Atlantic region. Our vision and client prioritization requires we maintain that. “We stay regional so that we can provide a higher degree of consideration,” Chase says.

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