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New World picIts architecture, design and construction capabilities have helped New World Design Builders set itself apart in the hospitality industry.
By Eric Slack

New World Design Builders was born of a vision of providing the hospitality industry with a single source of responsibility for architecture, design and construction. Although the company does a small amount of retail and residential projects on the side, its specialty is in restaurants, nightclubs and hotels, using the design/build approach to provide the spa and hospitality industries with captivating spaces.

“Primarily we work in the [New York] tri-state area, but have worked in other markets, including Los Angeles, Boston, Miami and more,” President Chris Kofitsas says. “Most of our work is on the East Coast, but we do have some on the West Coast, too.” 

End to End

From its offices in New York City and Clifton, N.J., New World Design Builders offers architecture, design and construction services to its clients. By taking on all aspects of projects, the company feels it can provide a seamlessly integrated approach to all aspect of design and construction. Over its more than 25 years of business, it has built a talented group of highly trained and aesthetically minded professionals that understands how to work and communicate as a team to bring each project to its timely completion. New World Design box

“The main thing that our clients like about working with us is that we do both design and construction,” Kofitsas says. “It limits the amount of back and forth that typically happens where architects and contractors have competing agendas that can end up leading to conflicts or miscommunication.”

This is why New World Design Builders has brought virtually everything in-house, from design, framing and millwork to casework, metalwork, crafting custom light fixtures and beyond. The company even has its own furniture and metal shops, which allow the company to complete more of its projects with its own resources.

“We like to be able to have complete control over projects from inception to completion, and clients like that as well,” Kofitsas says. “As a result of that, it makes for much faster decision-making and the overall construction process is streamlined. People from the same company are designing and building the projects, and the fact that they are all fellow employees ensures direct communication.”

The only aspects of the projects that the company does not handle in-house are the MEP elements. The company is not looking to add MEP capabilities to its portfolio, so it understands the importance of developing ties with strong vendors in the MEP arena.

“Those are portions of the projects can take up a large amount of your budget, even though they are not often seen,” Kofitsas says. “Those trades are very important, and building relations with excellent vendors there is critically important. Ensuring that you can stick to your construction timeline is a key to success, and you need to start project phases as other phases are finished. That is one of the reasons why you need good ties to vendors that you know will be there when needed and will be able to meet your needs.”

Creative Juices

New World Design Builders has chosen to concentrate on the hospitality industry for a number of reasons. One of these is the fact that the company likes the exposure that working in the hospitality industry brings. “Many people like to go and spend their leisure time in the venues we design,” Kofitsas says.

Additionally, the company feels that working in the hospitality industry provides opportunities for creativity. “I love creating spaces that allow people to make memories, have a good time, feel good and be inspired,” Kofitsas says. “That inspires me to work in the hospitality industry. Creativity is something we bring even when we do go outside of the industry, but hospitality has a lot of latitude for creativity. There is a lot of room for creativity in residential, but you may not have the same budget or the size of a commercial project. We feel that we get to express ourselves more by working in the hospitality industry.”

When looking at the company’s body of work over the past quarter-century, you can see New World Design Builders DNA at work in all of the projects. At the same time, the company knows how to bring variation to its projects and respond to different aesthetic and functional demands.

“The aesthetics are varied because different projects offer different opportunities, and we get inspired differently on each project,” Kofitsas says. “The time and the era of each project also has an impact on design. For example, reclaimed and repurposed materials have been a big theme over the last decade. Now we find ourselves doing more of a mix of repurposed and reclaimed materials blended with new materials, working harmoniously between the old and the new.”

To ensure ongoing success, New World Design Builders plans to continue to develop its internal controls. These include software systems that oversee accounting and bookkeeping as well as scheduling and project execution. Streamlining those systems helps the company make sure its bidding and project management process are adept at handling the kinds of custom projects it takes on.

In the end, New World Design Builders has shown that it can satisfy a broad range of customers and surpass expectations from inception to completion. That will continue to define the company going forward.

“We would like to keep growing at a steady rate like we have been, but we also only take on projects that are of interest to us,” Kofitsas says. “We measure success by being able to pick and choose the projects that we want to work on, which we feel goes hand in hand with building our reputation.” 

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