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With roots in the Nashville market, Shaub Construction has made a name for itself

through high-quality projects and exceptional customer service.

By Eric Slack

Shaub Construction has dominated the Southeast market since its founding in 1964. While providing the highest quality construction and competitive pricing, Shaub has created the new standard in the commercial construction industry. Headquartered in the heart of Brentwood, Tenn., Shaub has found itself in the thick of the construction boom. More than 60 people move to Nashville each day. As a result, entrepreneurs are looking to build and grow their companies now more than ever.

Throughout Shaub’s market, someone is breaking ground on a new convenience store, restaurant or shopping center. With all the new construction, it is easy to think general contractors are a dime a dozen. But Shaub is able to set itself apart from the others thanks to its quality. From the quality time the company spends with the clients to ensuring the highest quality in its projects, the people of Shaub have set the bar extremely high.Shaub Fact Box

“Since we came on board as owners in 2003, we have moved in a uniform commercial direction,” says Vice President Bic Parma. “We do many c-stores, light medical projects and specialty buildings. We have the privilege of working on projects from inception.”

Shaub does it all, from pre-construction budgets and location selections to helping in the final design process. “We shine when we complete many projects with a client,” Parma says. “We help make our clients dreams come to life and along the way build long lasting business relationships, which I believe is a tribute to our management performance.”

Construction Growth

Currently, Shaub is working to respond to growth in its primary market. Many projects are taking place in and around Nashville, as its old downtown area has been revived and the whole city is in growth mode.

“The downtown area is small in Nashville, and all of the districts are expanding very quickly,” Principal Brandon Fleming says. “Outside of Nashville, we are also seeing areas with construction explosions. We are seeing residential growth and the infrastructure desired by that residential growth is resulting in a lot of market expansion.”

Growth has opened opportunities for Shaub to hit its sweet spot. Most of its projects tend to be no more than five stories or 500,000 square feet. Much of its work would be considered the ancillary projects that take place around larger projects.

“This would include restaurants in brand-new or renovated buildings, or smaller retail shops or service offices,” Parma says. “A lot of people are coming to the middle Tennessee market, and they need those service projects to take place.”

Ultimately, Shaub Construction has built quite the impressive portfolio, and maintaining relationships has been crucial to the company’s success. Shaub has done everything from entertainment venues, dental and medical facilities and office buildings to convenience stores, restaurants and shopping centers.

“Providing a high level of customer service to existing clients means we don’t have to chase new business, and it also leads to referrals,” President Jay Brassfield says.

Ensuring quality relationships with subcontractors is also important to Shaub. “Many of our subs have been there since the beginning, they know we have a strong business and reputation to uphold,” Parma says.

Gaining Strength

Shaub is also looking for ways to improve its operations. It recently moved from Nashville into a new office in Brentwood that has allowed it to improve workflow and has space for growth. Additionally, the company has been investing in improving its software and IT systems.

“We grow based on our needs,” Parma says. “We have been working with an IT company for years that has grown along with us. They have helped develop our systems and given us the flexibility for growth. We feel we have a good team in our company, and our new office has everyone in the right places and makes sure they don’t have to go far to get what they need.”

Shaub has built a strong legacy throughout its decades in business. But that doesn’t mean the company is content to stay as it is. In fact, the Nashville Business Journal ranked Shaub No. 1 on its 2015 list of Nashville’s fastest-growing private companies.

In the end, Shaub’s commitment to working closely with clients from the start of each project allows the company to ensure the right team, processes and production plans are in place. Shaub is committed to maintaining high levels of customer service, refusing to be one of those companies that barely gets by. Shaub follows through on its promises and wants customers to have the best experience possible. To Shaub, each project is more than just another building. Shaub considers each project to be an essential building block in its success.

“All the people here make Shaub what it is today,” says Parma. “We focus on our customers, community, and most importantly our employees.” 


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