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Montgomery Martin picMontgomery Martin Contractors contributes to a major revitalization in Memphis.

By Chris Petersen

More than five times the size of Manhattan’s Central Park, Shelby Farms Park in Memphis, Tenn., covers approximately 4,500 acres, making it one of the largest urban park spaces in the United States. As the surrounding downtown of Memphis undergoes a revitalization, so too has the park undergone a significant upgrade. Leading the way on a large portion of these upgrades has been Memphis-based Montgomery Martin Contractors, and CEO/founder Montgomery Martin says the company is proud to be delivering a project of such importance to the community. Once the Shelby Farms Park project reaches completion, Montgomery Martin will have made another contribution to the overall health and well-being of Memphis. “That’s just another project that we are helping deliver for the city,” Martin says.

Since 1995, Montgomery Martin Contractors has been focused on delivering high-profile, high-quality general contracting projects in and around Memphis. The company’s expertise and portfolio extends to residential, commercial, industrial, civic and educational projects. Capable of general contracting, construction management and design/build services, Montgomery Martin Contractors has built up a strong reputation in its hometown market for delivering high-quality projects with a principled approach that concentrates on the three pillars of cost, quality and schedule. Montgomery Martin box

Martin says projects such as the Shelby Farms Park enhancement project are a natural fit for the company because of its close ties to the community in addition to the skill and expertise it has among its people. Martin says he anticipates the rejuvenated park will count among the company’s masterpieces and will be something the entire Memphis community can be proud of. “It’s beautiful, it blows me away,” he says.

Built With Experience

One of the strongest advantages Montgomery Martin Contractors brings to the Memphis construction market is the vast amount of experience it has. Martin says that although the company is 21 years old, its principals and leadership have upwards of 40 years of experience working specifically in the Memphis market. This not only gives the company a strong base of knowledge when it comes to making the tough decisions, but it also means the company has a much deeper understanding of the market’s needs than many of its competitors who are based elsewhere. “We’ve got a very stable leadership in the company,” Martin says. “At the same time, I feel like we’ve been a 21-year-old startup.”

Even though the company is seasoned and experienced, Martin says a spirit of entrepreneurialism is firmly encoded into the DNA of Montgomery Martin Contractors. The company is always on the lookout for a new opportunity to make a positive impact to the Memphis community, and it has embraced the latest in technology to further enhance the service it provides for its customers. According to Martin, the company believes strongly in leaving no stone unturned in its quest to deliver the best possible experience for clients, and that has been crucial for building the reputation the company has today. “Protecting our reputation isn’t just a social media thing,” Martin says. “It’s really the reality of who you are that makes a difference.”

Ambitious Expansion

Being selected to help transform Shelby Farms Park for the next generation of Memphis residents is proof positive that Montgomery Martin Contractors is a leader in the Memphis market. The projectcenters around the expansion of the park’s Patriot Lake to nearly three times its original size, allowing it to accommodate aquatic activities including sailing and windsurfing. The lake will be surrounded by 12 distinct areas focusing on specific uses and activities. Shelby Farms Park’s buildings were designed by Marlon Blackwell Architects, and James Corner Field Operations provided the master plan and landscape architecture.

The project also includes improved and expanded trails, eight new entrances, spaces for performances and two new buildings, one of which will feature a restaurant and visitor center. Martin says the demanding nature of the project has not been a problem for the company, given its experience and broad capabilities. “The high quality that we are required to deliver on a tight budget was a good fit for us,” he says, adding that the work is nearing the end of its 24-month schedule.

Still Growing

Martin says Montgomery Martin Contractors knows that it needs to have the best and the brightest people to maintain its successful path, even though there is a dearth of young skilled people entering the construction industry. To counter this trend, the company is working hard on its intern program, partnering with some of the best schools in the region to guide the development of the next generation of the industry.

Martin says new blood will be crucial not only for Montgomery Martin Contractors’ continued success, but also the continued success of the construction industry as a whole. By focusing on leadership development and succession planning, the company is putting itself in a good position to continue contributing to the revitalization of Memphis for a long time to come. “If you’re not growing, you’re backing up,” Martin says. 


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