CYBER RISKS 01Construction is feeling the threat of cyberattacks.   

By Nick Cushmore and Ian Mitchell

Without question the number of cyberattacks are on the rise. Both companies and professionals in a variety of markets are experiencing growing threats, and the construction industry is no exception. 

KPIS FOR CONSTRUCTION 01You can use numerous KPIs to improve your processes.   

By Timothy Donaghy

Whether they are lump sum, cost plus, time and materials, or unit pricing, contracts are the backbone of your organization. Building solid contract management processes is key to the success of your business. Given the wealth of data contained in contracts, you can use numerous key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate and improve your processes. This will enable you to mitigate risk, decrease cost and increase revenue.

 RISE OF THE MACHINE 01Drone tech is revolutionizing the construction industry.   

By Francis Vierboom

No matter the industry, real-time feedback allows people to respond quicker, make better decisions, and do a great job faster and more often. The right tech allows teams to react to events as they happen. Instead of manually checking if something bad has happened, they can rely on the system to notify them.


Modular construction can provide you with a cost-savings approach.  

By Grant Geiger

In the last few years, modular construction has experienced a significant uptick in popularity. A poor understanding of the process and common misconceptions inhibited some from adopting modular in the past, but today, it is swiftly gaining traction and embraced by top companies. Whether in hospitality, education, commercial real estate or healthcare, teams across industries are opting to implement “assembly” solutions for their projects in place of traditional on-site construction. Using a modular approach, buildings are expertly constructed to code and measurements room by room in a controlled, factory-like setting then delivered to the prepped site for installation. 

 HOW TO ATTRACT 01Here are ways to attract viable employees during a skilled worker shortage.   

By Peggy Hogan Marker

In today’s construction industry, it’s a worker’s market. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 298,000 construction jobs were available in September 2018. Potential employees are in a position in which they are interviewing employers as much as we are interviewing them. Job offers outnumber job takers. Why – and how – can construction employers find viable, longtime employees? 

 COMMERCIAL ROOFING 01Here are some commercial roofing trends you should know about.  

By Tatsuya Nakagawa

The world is changing at an extraordinary rate; improvements such as autonomous cars, personal space tourism, and major advancements in genetics, are on the edge of becoming mainstream. Silicon Valley and the tech sector as a whole aren’t the only ones driving these changes. It’s happening everywhere, and the commercial roofing industry is no different. 

 CHOOSING THE RIGHT 01There are ways to choose the right concrete product.   

By Mike Boenisch

When it comes to home improvement projects, it is important to make sure that you, as the contractor, are using the correct material to ensure that not only you are happy with your work but that the clients are happy with the final product. Due to its economic benefits, concrete has become an extremely common product used in both residential and commercial projects. It also offers a lot of benefits for clients and contractors alike – it is long-lasting, requires little maintenance and is extremely durable. 

 ARBITRATION 01It is debatable which is the best “binding agent” for your disputes.   

By Jeremy P. Brummond

No contractor wants to think about disputes. But chances are, at some point in a contractor’s work history, a dispute will arise. “Dispute resolution” provisions in the contract are often not the subject of heavy negotiation, but these provisions can become very important when the parties get involved in a dispute. 

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