VIDEO BASED SAFETY 01Video-based safety reduces risk for construction and ready-mix fleets.   

By Jason Palmer

Construction and ready-mix vehicles face unique challenges that make it difficult for fleet managers to keep drivers safe on the job. From driving through congested jobsites with uneven terrain, to operating heavy-duty specialty equipment, the trials drivers face every day can seem insurmountable. Fortunately, a video-based safety program can help.

 RYAN ROBILLARD 01Here are ways your website can save you time and money.   

By Ryan Robillard

After spending the last 16 years helping more than 100 businesses gain more value from their websites and online presence, I have uncovered key points to leveraging their investment of time and money. 

 KEEPING CONSTRUCTION EMPLOYEES 01Here are seven ways to keep employees engaged.   

By Hannah Ginley

Engagement in the workplace is one of the most important ways to keep an employee happy and invested in your company long-term. However, engagement and happiness are two very different things in the workplace. 

 ELIMINATING INEFFICIENCIES 01Eliminating inefficiencies in construction is a matter of data.   

By Michael Hadley

According to a 2017 survey by KPMG International, construction companies are optimistic about the role technology will play in their progress. In fact, 63 percent of chief information officers acknowledge the opportunities therein.

 DREDEIR ROBERTS 01Contractors may be contracting wrong.   

By Dredeir Roberts, Esq.

Working as in-house counsel for an active design/build firm gifts me with new revelations daily. Each day I learn about the exhaustive work it takes to finance, design and build lasting buildings. As the lawyer, the magic of architecture always amazes me. One other thing amazes me too: many of the design/build players do not fully understand contract law. If you’re an architect, engineer or contractor, the previous sentence might have offended you. I mean, you’ve been doing this for years. 

 BELGARD 01Strategic partnerships offer contractors and consumers a one-stop solution.   

By Joe Raboine

At large, residential outdoor projects – both new construction and renovation or home improvement projects – involve multiple key players: the customer, contractor, dealer and manufacturer. Maximizing these strategic partnerships can create alignment, efficiency and ultimately success for all.  

 6 WAYS 01

(Photo credit: Rui Tang)

Here are six ways BIM improves construction estimating.  

By Rui Tang

Construction estimating is a tedious, time-consuming and error-prone process that starts with scouring pages of drawings to categorize pricing or bid items, calculate quantities, quote unit pricing and much more. Building Information Modeling, also known as BIM, has been utilized for years in the planning and construction of buildings and is proven to increase efficiency, prevent human error and cut overall construction costs and transform construction estimating into an accurate process. 

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