Nearly every government official serving in or around Queens County, N.Y., agrees that the Kew Gardens Interchange improvement project could not have come soon enough. Many drivers use this changing point daily to gather their bearings and head on to various routes including Grand Central Parkway, the Van Wyck Expressway, the Jackie Robinson Parkway and Union Turnpike. It is also accessed by pedestrians travelling to the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s (MTA) Briarwood subway station.

Only 30 miles long, the island of Guam is an unincorporated territory of the United States that is honeycombed with roads and bridges. Home to several U.S. military bases established after the Japanese occupation of the island during World War II ended, the 214-square-mile island is undergoing a massive upgrade of its road and bridge infrastructure to meet the needs of its growing population and an increased military presence.

If a growing community is like a growing plant, an inadequate highway system can be like a kink in a garden hose. If local roads aren’t capable of handling the increased traffic flow of a growing city, valuable resources are prevented from reaching where they are needed, and the town can wither and die. That’s what makes projects like the Dixie Drive Interchange in St. George, Utah, so important.

The busy U.S. 95 Northwest Corridor in Las Vegas is undergoing a major five-phase improvement to increase safety and decrease congestion. The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) awarded Capriati Construction Corp. the $69 million first phase, which includes extensive work that only an experienced firm can handle.

As a 100 percent employee owned company, it doesn’t hurt that Western Water Constructors is a family run firm. In fact, Project Manager Eli McGarva says, the family leadership has nurtured friendly connections through its team that help make the work go much easier.

Mercator Minerals Ltd. is not in the construction industry, but it’s not necessarily immune to its effects, either. On the other hand, it hasn’t let the construction slowdown put a damper on its plans. It purchased Mineral Park Mine near Kingman, Ariz., in 2003, intent on constructing a 50,000-tons-per-day facility at the copper, molybdenum (moly) and silver mine. The two-phase project kicked off in 2007 and, after a temporary hold, it is now in its second phase to bring the plant into its full capacity by June 2011. 

When working on far-flung highway grading and site preparation projects, not having to start and end each day at the office or yard is a real benefit for employees and the company. Internet connections through cell phone towers, laptop computers for employees and special software platforms enable McCoy Grading Inc. to monitor its jobs as if its managers were onsite.

One of the things railroads have in common with skiing is that diamonds represent difficulty, whether you’re talking about a diamond-rated slope or a diamond crossing of two tracks. That’s why Ontario’s interregional public transit system, GO Transit and engineering firms McCormick Rankin Corp. (MRC) – a member of the MMM Group – and Delcan Corporation have come together to untangle a diamond crossing at the busiest railroad crossing in Canada.

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