The Larimer County Public Works Division (LCPWD) in Fort Collins, Colo., covers a lot of ground, literally. The 2,640-square-mile county – roughly the size of Delaware – is home to six cities and towns and has a population of 293,000. With its expansive rural areas that include Rocky Mountain National Park and urban areas that include Colorado State University, the LCPWD has a lot to keep it busy.

Specializing in demolition, underground utility, earthwork, concrete and asphalt paving, California-based Ghilotti Bros. Inc. (GBI) can provide diverse services for roadway projects, it says. “If you have ever visited the Bay Area, you have more than likely traveled upon a road that GBI has paved,” the company remarks. “GBI provides various types of paving, from highways and interstates to public and private roadways, as well as commercial parking lots and residential driveways.”

The entire nation is taking the necessary steps to upgrade its crumbling infrastructure, and the state of Florida is no exception. The Florida Department of Transportation (DOT) is immersed in a number of roadway improvement projects, many of which are at least partially funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Motorists and bus commuters in the greater Los Angeles area soon will have one construction firm to thank for a smoother, faster ride – Brutoco Engineering and Construction. The company is now working on two major infrastructure projects in the Los Angeles area, the latest in a long list of projects completed in its 43-year history.

Several things have changed since the Port Authority of Guam’s (PAG) present-day seaport was built in the 1960s. The methods and equipment used to transport people and goods have evolved to meet growing populations and increased trade demands. However, the PAG has remained largely untouched, and in 1999, ready for a sea change, it devised a master plan calling for capital improvements to its 1,000-acre space. 

Construction of the Deep Tunnel system in Chicago has been ongoing for more than 30 years. A project of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, the 130-mile network of tunnels acts as a reservoir to divert stormwater from spilling into rivers and lakes during heavy rainstorms.

Hawkins Construction Company works with the intent to master its field. From the beginning, the company has always aimed big. In fact, the first job brothers Kenneth and Earl Hawkins bid on and won was for the University of Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium. That was in 1922, and by 1960 the company was grossing more than $20 million a year.

When it comes to water, people tend to focus on the preservation of it more than its movement. But at Florida Flow Control Inc., that movement is the very focus of its business. Based in Wellington, Fla., the company provides specialty water and wastewater contracting services to public, private and commercial owners.

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