Dredge America prides itself on its professionalism as well as its ability to perform projects across the United States. “The main thing that distinguishes us is our professionalism, which we feel is way above and beyond anyone else in our pro­fes­sion across the board,” President Dan McDougal says. “We have new and very well maintained equipment, and our crew is very clean-cut, well-dressed and courteous to clients,” he adds. 

After five years in operations as a civil contractor, TraKSouth Civil Contractors wants to expand its footprint in the Southeast region, and is doing so through a key acquisition and smart hiring practices. Based in Augusta, Ga., TraKSouth named John G. Hudson its president on June 28. This adds a great deal of experience to the executive ranks, with Hudson previously serving as a project manager at Gemini Construction Co., where he managed enclosed mall redevelopment and construction projects. Hudson also has become an owner of TraKSouth through personal investment. 

Besides its core civil, structural and geotechnical engineering for transportation, public works, water re­sources, telecommunications, institutional, education and healthcare, Tectonic Engineering also is adding to its focus projects in the energy sector for wind power, smart grids and natural gas.

Idaho Sand and Gravel Co. is working to complete a $34 million interchange construction project on a well-travelled stretch of Interstate 84 through its namesake state next year. The project, commissioned through the Idaho Department of Trans­por­tation through federal bonds, involves replacing a bridge that spans the highway at Ten Mile Road with a single-point urban interchange. Work started last December with the demolition of the bridge, Project Manager Shawn Parker says.

The long-awaited Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s East Side Access Project will connect New York’s Long Island with Manhattan – specifically, Grand Central Station. “Currently, commuters from Long Island Rail Road have a choice to go to Brooklyn or Penn Station; the long-term goal is to ease overcrowding at Penn and instead offer Long Island and eastern Queens commuters the choice to go to Grand Central,” says Stephen Price, project executive of the Queens Bored Tunnels and Structures contract of the massive $7.3 billion project.

Today, Brayman Construction Corp. is a large general and specialty geotechnical contractor based out of Saxonburg, Pa.; but the company has not always been this way. In 1947, George Brayman began the family business. He and then his son-in-law operated the business until January 1993, when Steve Muck purchased the company. At the time, Muck says, Brayman was doing about $7 million worth of business annually; a figure that has grown roughly 30 percent each year since Muck, president and CEO, took over. 

When Ready Cable Inc. founder Bob Lemke started the company in the early 1980s, he was inspired to design a unique company offering a variety of services not found in other businesses of its kind. “He noticed an opportunity to provide improved service and product capabilities to concrete contractors, and founded the company more than 25 years ago for that purpose,” says President Paul Lemke.

In the United States, buildings more than 200 years old are considered extremely old and located mainly in the original colonial cities and settlements. By contrast, in Europe, structures built 400, 500 or even 600 years ago still stand. Many are seen as national treasures that demand extreme care from those building or excavating nearby.

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