Alaska Interstate Construction (AIC) LLC says its success is based on a professional approach and maintaining close working re­lationships with clients. “We pride ourselves on our flexibility and responsiveness,” the company ex­p­lains. “We have the people, knowledge and experience that enable us to execute a full range of projects from the very small to major world-class developments.”

At Wright Brothers Construction Co. Inc., the employees know that being flexible and able to adapt comes with the job. When heavy rains flooded several cities in Tennessee in May, causing railroad tracks to unearth, Wright Brothers made sure its 300-plus fleet of equipment was ready to respond. The team removed mud and water and re­placed it with solid earth to support the tracks and get Tennessee’s railroad system back in business.

Westwind Contracting’s experience in civil contracting is helping it find work during the recession. “We do pretty diversified work,” Executive Vice President Robert A. Parks III says. “Some people just build roads, some just go underground – we try to do it all.”

With competition for more traditional civil construction jobs at a high in its home market in California, Valentine Corp. is instead building a reputation as a company willing to take on tougher work. “Our motto is if it’s difficult or unusual, it’s for us,” President Bob Valentine Jr. says. “We want something challenging that requires a lot of est­imating creativity, engineering and planning to build.”

You’ve had a long exhausting flight, but you’ve finally arrived at the airport. You run the gauntlet of getting your baggage, and now you’re standing on the curb waiting for the rental company’s shuttle bus. You see a shuttle bus in the distance, and your hopes rise, only to be dashed when you see it is for another rental company. You wait a while, and you see another shuttle bus in the distance, but it isn’t yours, either. This process is repeated approximately 15 times until the 16th shuttle you see, which you pay no attention to, arrives – and it is yours.

There are many paving companies, but few set themselves apart like Rabine Paving and the Rabine Group. CEO Gary Rabine says the Schaumburg, Ill.-based group has pushed itself to be world class, which not only includes paving, but also roofing, fuel distribution and other services. “If you are passionate and you want to be the best in anything, today’s informational world makes it possible,” he declares.

Situated near the Mississippi River, Clinton, Iowa, recently celebrated the 135th anniversary of the city’s incorporation. In an effort to increase the location’s economic growth as well as local jobs, city officials determined that sewer system and road improvements, as well as construction of a new wastewater treatment facility, were long overdue. Much of the city of Clinton’s combined sewer system is in need of separation.

Building the first publicly-built segment of a concrete biking and hiking trail called the Six Cities Trail and setting a railroad bridge in the middle of a forest is a challenge, concedes Don Callaham, president of CalHar Construction Inc. “If you were standing there before we started and looked into this thick forest where this bridge had to go and thought about the crane and the large pieces of equipment and precast material, you’d wonder how we were going to get all this stuff back there,” Callaham muses.

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