Wetlands are one of nature’s ways of filtering and purifying water, and communities in southern areas of the United States that have copious wetlands and bayous are taking advantage of them. The city of Beaumont, Texas, recently commissioned Brystar Contracting to build cells in wetlands it owns and a levee as the last step in filtering ammonia out of the effluent from the city’s sewage treatment plant before it is reintroduced into the Hildebrandt Bayou nearby.

Arkansas Electric Cooperatives Inc. (AECI) serves a critical role of buil­ding and maintaining an electricity infrastructure serving approxim­ate­ly 490,000 people throughout its home state. The company, established in the 1940s, is own­ed by the state’s 17 electric distribution coop­er­atives that provide retail electricity to mem­bers.

If there is an aspect of modern life that goes unappreciated, it is the steady flow of transportation, as people move from place to place to reach their destinations. And in the Northeast, DOTs frequently rely on Northeast Remsco Construction Inc. and its transportation division to help them keep things flowing smoothly.

Lawhorne Brothers Paving’s strong reputation for completing quality projects on time for nearly 50 years is the key to its success. Much of this positive reputation comes from the company’s many repeat customers as well as longstanding relationships with other contractors, Vice President C.R. Abbott says.

Kimmins Contracting Corp. began in 1923 in western New York when William Kimmins founded the company with the spirit of family infused into every aspect of its operation. Kimmins believed that every person, regardless of their position, is an in­tegral and valued part of the team. He understood that what makes a company great is its people.

Although John Minder founded Great Northwest Inc. as a seasonal landscaping firm that handled $30,000 worth of work in its first year and now produces about $50 million annually performing heavy highway, site and utility work, don’t give him the credit for the company reaching its 35th anniversary. 

Arturo Díaz Jr., founded his first company in Puerto Rico more than 70 years ago. Since then, he has built one of the Caribbean’s biggest construction conglomerates, a family-run business anchored by a major asphalt company that has become an industry leader in the region. Empresas Díaz has divisions that operate in construction, infrastructure and project development. Its current portfolio includes construction of the Trump International Residences & Golf Club at Coco Beach resort in Río Grande, Puerto Rico.

After growing from a small concrete repair contractor into a heavy civil concrete company over the course of 30 years, there isn’t much ConCreate USL Ltd. hasn’t been hired to do. So when an owner needs a unique solution to a project problem that isn’t encountered every day, the company  doesn’t back down from the challenge.

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