For WK Construction, laying a $740 million multi-product fuel pipeline from its headquarters city of Johannesburg, South Africa, to Durban – a distance of more than 300 miles – is challenging, but not beyond the company’s capabilities. 

Thalle Construction Company began as a road contractor in 1947. Since then, it has expanded its pool of construction services to include dams, landfills, sitework, communication technology, utility work and roller compacted concrete for private and public entities. The company also owns and operates quarries, portable asphalt plants and crushers that supply materials directly to the sites.

The Fremont Central Park Subway pro­ject in California’s Bay Area is exactly the sort of job Shimmick Construction Inc. thrives on performing. The $136.7 million project involves underground excavation, temporary relocation of parkland and retention ponds, extensive coordination of schedules and subcontractors and other complex elements that call for the kind of ex­perience the Oakland, Calif.-based civil construction and engineering firm brings to its jobs.

After nearly 90 years, Pennsy Supply Inc. has found success as the leader in providing quality construction materials and services to its customers. The company’s employees play a significant role in making this happen. “You can’t provide customer service without a great team,” President Barry Duffy says. “It’s an everyday commitment to the process.”

The Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) is a bold new project adjacent to Miami International Airport to create a central location where all airline passengers can disembark directly to any mode of ground transportation they might need. These include privately owned automobiles and bicycles, rental cars, taxis, buses and rail transportation.

Rarely does the general public think about how the excavation and drilling to support a structure affects its integrity and stability. However, excavation and drilling involve much more than just digging a hole. For more than 45 years, the experts at Malcolm Drilling have provided a firm foundation of expertise for deep foundation projects that require precision and accuracy.

In an industry where reputation means everything, most start-up construction companies find it challenging to get their foot in the door simply because they are new and unknown. Experience goes a long way, so unless owners’ sole objective is to find the lowest bidder, they are skeptical to award bids to new builders.

If there is a single luxury that people de­pend on daily, it is electrical energy. The public needs electricity to maintain nearly all as­pects of their day-to-day lives, and New River Electrical Corporation helps its custo­mers maintain that steady source of electrical energy.

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