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Kimmins Contracting Corp. began in 1923 in western New York when William Kimmins founded the company with the spirit of family infused into every aspect of its operation. Kimmins believed that every person, regardless of their position, is an in­tegral and valued part of the team. He understood that what makes a company great is its people.

The company began by performing specialty-contracting services on projects throughout the county. Over the next 50 years, Kimmins Contracting built its reputation on two key points: quality service and safety. By steadfastly upholding these principles, the company quickly grew to become a forerunner in the industry.

In 1973, the Williams Group and Kimmins Contracting joined forces and expanded the company’s services to include demolition contracting to both industrial and commercial clients. By the early 1980s, Kimmins Contracting’s scope of work had grown extensively and the company moved its headquarters to Tampa, Fla., where it remains today.

Recognizing a niche industry within its community in Tampa Bay, Kimmins Contracting expanded once again in 1991, forming an earthwork and mine service group providing earthmoving equipment and services to the phosphate industry in the state of Florida. In 2002, Kimmins Contracting opened its stone and aggregate crushing and recycling operation, a concern specializing in the processing and selling of new and recycled construction materials throughout the state.

Building up Florida

President Joe Williams says Kimmins Contracting has been instrumental in helping Central Florida keep pace with the enormous growth and development the area has been going through for the past 20 years. “We provide transportation-related projects for the DOT, aviation authority and port authority; civic buildings for the cities of St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa; and private ventures for the area’s largest and most respected phosphate and land development companies,” he says. “We do about 80 percent of the work ourselves and the rest is subcontracted. We have strong relationships with our subcontractors because we treat them fairly. The ones we don’t use, want us to use them because of our reputation.”

Services the company provides include underground utility and road work; while the demolition teams contract everything from small homes to full size shopping malls and airline terminals; and the earthmoving and mine services crews build dams and reclaim land for the world’s largest phosphate companies. Their stone and aggregate yard crushes and recycles nearly 400,000 tons of material from all over the Tampa Bay area on a yearly basis.

Williams adds that Kimmins Contracting is able to guarantee project completion or emergency on-call service using back-up crews and support if necessary.

“We’ve spent the last 10 years remodeling ourselves,” Williams states. “Our focus is quality and safety. We take pride in doing it right the first time. Getting it done on time is another aspect of the projects we work on that we take very seriously. We haven’t been late in more than five years. If we don’t finish on time, our employees view it as a failure.” 

Safety First

“The goal at Kimmins Contracting is to go home in the same condition you came in,” Williams stresses. “Our safety program reflects our belief that people are our company’s most valuable asset. We go to great lengths to impress upon every employee that safety and security will always come before revenue and profit. In all areas of our operations, from the job sites to the equipment shop to the administrative offices, we adhere to best industry practices and guidelines to ensure that our employees are a part of the safest and most secure workplace possible.

The company’s onsite and in-house orientation and training programs are the backbone of its safety program. “We recognize the achievements of crews and employees with outstanding safety records, and we hold weekly meetings to provide ongoing safety training for all supervisory and craft personnel,” Williams explains. “We firmly believe that while saf­ety is everyone’s responsibility, providing a safe work environment is Kimmins’ No. 1 priority.”

Kimmins Contracting recently was once again awarded a Gold Safety Award by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. “We received this award for working an entire year with no lost-time accidents,” Williams says. “This is a very significant accomplishment for a com­pany that operates in the civil construction, demolition and recycling businesses. We re­ceived this award for the second time in four years, a new record for Kimmins.” 

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