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When Ready Cable Inc. founder Bob Lemke started the company in the early 1980s, he was inspired to design a unique company offering a variety of services not found in other businesses of its kind. “He noticed an opportunity to provide improved service and product capabilities to concrete contractors, and founded the company more than 25 years ago for that purpose,” says President Paul Lemke.

The Fort Worth, Texas-based company now provides a diverse array of services, including post-tensioning cable products and stressing services, fabricated rebar for residential, commercial and civil engineering projects, and a variety of concrete-related products such as framing lumber, mesh and other tools and equipment. In addition, the company is capable of providing value engineering for the use of post-tensioning systems.

“The company grew dramatically in the early years because of our focus on understanding our customer base and making sure we offered the services they look for,” Lemke says. “We strive to provide customers the best value available, and we’re flexible and responsive to their needs.”

Ready Cable now operates seven locations throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Even after its exponential growth, the company has maintained its commitment to providing flexible services. “That flexibility allows us to provide high-quality services, while at the same time, navigate these uncertain times and remain strong and viable for our customers and our employees,” Lemke says.

Each of Ready Cable’s facilities is certified to Post Tensioning Institute standards and the company maintains a staff of registered professional engineers to assist customers with structural redesigns and other needs. As a result of its commitment to success, the company has provided products for thousands of residential, multifamily and commercial structures throughout the years.

“Our corporate facilities and operations in north Fort Worth are brand new and have equipment capabilities that are second-to-none,” Lemke says. “Our other facilities also have a wide variety of capabilities to serve customers efficiently and quickly.”

The company manages to stay responsive to customers’ needs by maintaining strong relationships with suppliers. “In fact, some of our suppliers are also our customers,” Lemke adds. “These relationships help us in a variety of ways, and allow us to better understand our broad customer base.”

Lemke is proud of the company’s ability to adapt to the changing business environment in a variety of market segments, as many customers would agree. Customers already have identified Ready Cable’s primary strengths as:

  • Flexibility and adaptability to the changing needs of customers;
  • Additional product and service capabilities that continue to improve the one-stop-shopping capabilities for general contractors and concrete contractors;
  • A total source for all concrete related products required for construction; and
  • Maintaining competitive pricing by improving customers’ purchasing and logistics capabilities.
Cutting Costs

In today’s volatile construction industry, contractors are adapting to a lower volume of construction and requiring a higher level of service from Ready Cable. “Many more of our customers are bidding on smaller jobs, and jobs at great distances from their base of operations than they used to, requiring improved operational flexibility in our cable and fabrication shops, as well as in our delivery capabilities,” Lemke says.

Construction companies nationwide continue to search for ways to cut costs, and Ready Cable plans to help clients achieve this goal. “The construction industry has faced dramatically changing market conditions the past couple years, and customers are increasingly focused on finding ways to reduce costs,” Lemke says. “We’ve found that our engineering group has a variety of ways to help customers reduce costs and clearly focus on value.”

Ready Cable engineers consult with clients to ensure they understand the value of post-tensioning cable, which can reduce the structure’s cost. 

The company continually searches for cost-saving strategies to pass on to customers, and strives to adapt its services to meet the needs of the market. “We provide post-tensioning cable, fabricated rebar, concrete related products, and we also maintain our own stressing crews,” Lemke says. “If customers are looking for additional services that may provide value to the project, we focus on finding ways to meet that need.”

Although Lemke anticipates steady growth in the future, Ready Cable continues to work closely with clients to provide high-quality services. “We continue to get better and better at what we do every day, and we believe the future will take care of itself,” Lemke says. 

Stepping Up

Ready Cable employees are stepping up to the plate, helping the company overcome the challenges of a slow economy. “People are juggling more balls these days, and they’re multitasking quite a bit,” Lemke says. “People have had to learn more than one skill set, and remain flexible to meet the changing industry needs.”

As a result, the company plans to invest in ongoing training for employees. “We’ve been clearly focused on making improvements to the way we do business,” Lemke says. “We continue to make investments in those areas, and will include systems and tools for our employees to improve the customer experience.”

Many of these employees have enjoyed long-term careers with Ready Cable, and continue to lead the firm through any challenges it might face. “We have outstanding employees who are committed to providing the best services to our customers as possible,” Lemke says. “Some employees have been with Bob since the company’s inception, and other more recent employees bring new skills and capabilities to the organization that will drive our continued growth and development of new capabilities to even higher levels of services.”

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