T.A. Loving Co. – Valley Proteins Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

After 90 years, T.A. Loving Co. has earned a reputation for quality construction and a loyal customer base in North Carolina, Project Manager Mark Harris says. “That’s what got us through the rough part of the economy of the last few years,” he says. “We were able to keep everybody busy.”

The contractor is bringing its talents to the Valley Proteins Wastewater Treatment Plant improvement project in Fayetteville, N.C. The project, with a budget of more than $3 million, includes a new concrete-lined lagoon, the demolition and replacement of old pipe, and a new pump station and concrete basin.

T.A. Loving also converted the plant’s old digester into a sludge-holding tank, improved its clarifier and “added a new pump and aeration header to their other aeration basin,” Harris says. “In the headworks building, we removed their old belt press and installed two new belt presses.”

Project Pride

T.A. Loving started work on the wastewater plant project in July 2013 and expects to finish this winter, Harris says. He takes pride in the company’s work on the concrete basin, which represented the “busiest part” of the project.

“We got it done by the time that they wanted,” Harris says, explaining that the company needed to finish it before the end of November 2013. But to achieve that, “We had to make two or three pours a week,” he recalls. 

“We made our last pour on Nov. 18, and then moved on to installing the equipment,” Harris continues. “The coordination and manpower we orchestrated to getting that part of the project done was my proudest [achievement].”

Although T.A. Loving had some difficulty getting its forms up, the company coped by staying proactive. “As soon as we started on them, we didn’t let up,” he continues. “It was a challenge coordinating everybody to get it done in the most efficient way that we could.”

The company also gained information during the process that it will be able to apply to other projects. “We took real close measurements and production rates [as we did] the basin,” Harris says, explaining that the company maintained records on how much it could pour.

Now, the company knows how much concrete it needs for basins that have a similar size. “[It will] make our estimating more efficient,” Harris says.

T.A. Loving has kept safe on the project thanks to constant inspections. “Our crews do a safety huddle every morning and review,” Harris says. “They also have one at the end of the day to review what happened and what they could do differently.”

Keeping Busy

Based in Goldsboro, N.C., T.A. Loving is one of the nation’s 400 consistently top-ranked contractors. Taylor Abbitt Loving started the company in 1925. Harris, who has been with T.A. Loving for nearly nine years, notes that the firm stands behind its finished product.

“Normally, you have the one-year warranty on contracts,” he says. “We’ll go above and beyond that with a lot of our customers.”

For example, if a customer finds a mistake T.A. Loving made six years after the project was built, the company will correct it. “We’ll go back to it, jump right on it, and get them back up and running,” Harris says.

He predicts continued success for T.A. Loving. “I see us moving forward with the foundation that we’ve got,” Harris says. “We’re the oldest utility contractor in North Carolina that’s still in business. We’ll just move forward and get work like we’ve been getting it.” 

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