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{SAW} Software Mill helps contractors better manage projects with the new Sage X3 Construction platform.

By Alan Dorich

Construction projects have become more complex, and builders need better tools to bring those jobs to completion. Specialized Application Workshop ({SAW}) and Software Mill LLC helps them do that, with software that allows clients better insight to their projects.

Granite picA replacement bridge over the Colorado River will make for a smoother entrance into the resort community of Glenwood Springs.

By Tim O’Connor

Glenwood Springs, Colo., is a town that relies on tourism. Located about an hour from the famous ski slopes of Aspen, the resort community is busy year-round as vacationers seek out its hot springs, bike trails and rafting rapids. The local economy is intertwined with recreation, but with only one major road through town, it’s understandable that residents are skeptical of any project that might drive visitors away.

In the 1990s, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) tried to replace the Grand Avenue Bridge – which spans the Colorado River and I-70 to serve as the only access point into downtown Glenwood Springs from the north – but the plan was defeated by local opposition. The need for a replacement bridge has only grown in the past two decades as the structure continued to deteriorate. Determined to come up with a project the public would support, CDOT sought out a contractor that would engage residents to lessen the impact of construction and detours on the community. It found that partner in Granite Construction Inc.

Stacy and Witbeck picStacy and Witbeck’s light rail project features a roundabout that will alleviate traffic congestion.
By Alan Dorich

When Stacy and Witbeck arrives on a project site, they concentrate on delivering the best outcome. “We have a lot of high-quality people who really focus on the customer and the community,” Project Manager Jennifer Donaldson says.

The company brings this focus to its Gilbert Road Light Rail Extension project in Mesa, Ariz. The project, she explains, is a 1.7-mile extension of the Valley Metro Light Rail system that will add one park-and-ride and two stations.

But the most distinctive feature, she notes, will be a four-way roundabout with the light rail traveling through it. “There’s a similar, three-way roundabout in Utah,” Donaldson says, noting that Stacy and Witbeck built that roundabout.

Beltline EnergyBy Chris Kelsch

In 2005, the federal government introduced a 30 percent construction tax credit for businesses and homeowners looking to erect solar panels to generate energy. And while states like California took the early lead in developing solar sites, various states followed with mandates that their utilities buy a certain amount of solar power.

Georgia Power, Georgia’s largest utility, furthered that state’s renewable energy push in 2011 with the Large-Scale Solar (LSS) initiative, in 2013 with its advanced Solar Initiative (ASI), and in 2016 with its Renewable Energy Development Initiative (REDI). It committed to buy over a gigawatt of power generated by the sun and introduced incentives to encourage the use of solar power.

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