M&G Steel Ltd.

Based in Oakville, Ontario, M&G Steel Ltd. has grown into one of the leading structural steel fabrication and erection contractors in the province. Founded in 1987 by President Mel Grimes and recently retired John Mark, M&G has grown quickly based on its ability to serve a broad base of clients ranging from owners to project managers and general contractors.

“The draw for these clients is the one-stop shop that M&G provides, which includes the preparation of shop detail drawings from the customer’s consulting engineering’s drawings to fabrication, installation, project management and the design of connections,” Contract Sales Manager Mark Mittleman says. “We also provide budgeting services to our clients.”

The company has a reputation for quality and professionalism, he adds. “The ability to coordinate with the many other subcontractors on a particular project, purchase materials in a timely manner and schedule our shop and field operations is imperative if the project is going to be delivered to the owner on time and on budget,” Mittleman notes.

All suppliers have to meet M&G’s stringent ISO requirements, which includes providing proper documentation, such as drawings and mill test reports, product quality and ship-on-time performance, he says. “The vast majority of their suppliers have worked with the company since its inception,” Mittleman adds.

A key competitive advantage for M&G is its decision to embrace new technologies. This includes a SDS-2 computer 3-D modeling system for BIM as well as automated shop equipment, such as a CNC Python five-axis robot, a CNC plate burning and punching table, and a CNC anglemaster punchline. “It’s more efficient from a labor perspective and a lot more accurate,” Mittleman explains. “We’re always looking to continuously upgrade our equipment and improve our quality and service to our customers.”

Complicated Work

M&G has a project portfolio that includes universities, hospitals, data centers and power plants. The company has received numerous awards of distinction from the Canadian Institute of Steel Contractors. This summer, it was recognized for its work on the Canadian customs facility at Queenston, Ontario, which required 1,030 tons of structural steel.

Last year, it received the Award of Excellence in the engineering category for the $160 million, 285,000-square-foot Quantum Nano building in Waterloo, Ontario. “One of the biggest challenges involved in this particular project was the detailing and fabrication of the nodes that are both an architectural and structural feature of the building,” Mittleman recalls.

Currently, M&G is building a 10-story, steel and concrete forensic sciences building in Toronto with general contractor Carillion Canada. M&G’s portion began in May and will be completed by the end of this year. “It’s quite complex from an installation perspective,” he notes. Heavy plate girders at the ground floor will provide support for a significant portion of the building. “Sequencing and coordinating [steel] when you’re tying to a concrete [structure] makes the work challenging,” he notes.

Experienced Team

In August, M&G will begin structural steel erection on a data center for IBM in Barrie, Ontario, with the Aecon/Turner joint venture serving as construction manager. Mittleman expects M&G to be completed with its portion of the work by November.

Although it is a fast-track project for the company, he says the many years of experience of its engineering and project management teams will benefit the project.

“We have a strong engineering team for design connections and developing erection procedures,” Mittleman says. “Our team of draftspersons is well versed in the development of shop detail drawings using the latest 3-D computer modeling systems.

“Our project managers – most of whom are professional engineers – are assigned to each contract and are responsible for the coordination of all aspects of the work, from the purchase of materials to field installation.”

He describes M&G as a “cooperative and collaborative environment with a good team spirit.” Because the ownership values its employees, “Everyone works well together, and everyone can speak their mind,” says Mittleman who has been with the company for two years. “It’s a great place to work.”

M&G’s partners include Dymin Steel Inc.

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