Demolishing a 170-foot clock tower, building a glass globe 90 feet in diameter and replacing three huge skylight roofs with clerestories are just the beginning of the challenges Broccolini is facing in renovating 130,000 square feet of the Erin Mills Town Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. Renovating the enclosed shopping mall for its 25th anniversary and building a 25,000-square-foot addition to it while it remains open for business brings the total renovation and construction cost to around $100 million. 

The iconic centerpiece of the mall will be the glass globe, which is being mounted above the mall’s second level in its center where the clock tower had stood since the mall’s founding. Most of the globe will extend beyond the mall’s roof line and be as much of a landmark for the surrounding area as the clock tower that previously extended above the roof was.

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Not many builders specialize in houses of worship, but Bossart Builders is the most active church builder in New Jersey. This year, the company celebrates 20 years of building more than a half-million square feet of commercial, institutional and multifamily residential buildings, as well as more than 50 churches from Connecticut to Virginia.

Over the years, Bossart Builders has built all kinds of commercial properties. But a company in upstate New York that happened to be designing a lot of churches was looking for a commercial builder in 1995. The company needed a construction manager to coordinate the projects and that’s how Bossart Builders jumped into the church building business. 

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Bomel Construction Co. Inc. has nurtured a loyal customer base by committing itself to quality, schedules, and budgets. Because of this focus, clients “continuously come back to us for their project needs,” Vice President of Architectural and Site Concrete Shawn Devine says. “We ... cater to the relationships that we build.”

The company based in Anaheim Hills, Calif., specializes in concrete contracting services. Founders Bob Matranga and Mel Reznicek started the firm more than 45 years ago and initially specialized in structural concrete tilt-ups, Devine says.

“They grew into parking structures, which became their forte later through the years,” he says. Today, Bomel’s portfolio includes office buildings, hotels, stadiums, bridges and other projects.

The company stands as a leader in its industry, Devine says. “We are one of the up-and-coming architectural concrete companies,” he declares. “We have strong resources and financial capabilities.”

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Bay to Bay Properties has grown from just a two-man company beginning in 2003. Childhood friends Jerome Ciliento and Joseph Faw, co-owners of Bay to Bay, got into the construction industry together. Coming out of school, the two decided to try out renovations for some friends that were working on investment properties. From there, they began remodeling residential properties, successfully building and selling spec houses and dabbling in light commercial work. 

Soon the pair established a client base with developers that were focusing on the growing dollar store programs, such as Family Dollar and Dollar General. “The market was hot, but we were still growing our infrastructure and team, so we didn’t overextend ourselves,” Ciliento explains. “We learned that saying ‘no’ to a job can be the difference between success and failure.” 

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Technology is a major driver of the U.S. economy, and contributing to that growth is the new Technology Center of Excellence being completed for CenturyLink next to its headquarters in Monroe, La. The third-largest telecommunications company in the United States, CenturyLink hosts IT solutions for enterprise customers and provides cloud infrastructure in the network services market.

Constructing the futuristic, three-story, 325,000-square-foot facility has been a challenging, fast-track project for construction manager Yates Construction. “It’s quite unique,” Project Executive Cleet McHenry declares. “It’s not a typical building – everything slopes and curves. We had a site package and a steel package that came out initially to get started with the foundations and steel. The interior package came along after that.”

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Hurdles are not just used at track meets and equine competitions. They also are a prominent feature of many construction projects, although many are made of paper. “We do a lot of preconstruction,” VJA Construction President and co-owner John Purdy says. “Hotel developers come to us. We charge them a fee to go places and look at properties and the zoning.” These paperwork hurdles can include city and county approvals, design reviews, zoning approvals, conditional use permitting, a franchise’s 30 percent, 60 percent and 90 percent review and final acceptance.

As part of that process, just getting financing can require substantial paperwork. “You can’t get a loan on a place until you have quite a bit of paper around it,” Purdy maintains. “There’s a set of pro forma documents that a bank will loan money on. It’s not a simple package. You have to have photos, financial forecasts, renderings, 3-D views – video walkthroughs are getting popular – to convince a banker to loan you $10 or $20 or $30 million. We help developers put all that together.

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Vila Construction is no stranger to giving customers exactly what they want. For nearly 100 years, the Richmond, Calif.-based organization has dedicated itself to completing projects under its strict high workmanship, efficiency and budget control standards. “We achieve this by combining our long outstanding family tradition of quality and personal commitment to each project,” the company explains. “Through the team efforts of our talented and dedicated employees and the direct involvement of company owners in each and every project, we have maintained our reputation as a company clients can depend on and trust to deliver projects as promised.”

During its long history, the company has completed projects in the retail, office, historical restoration, governmental and institutional sectors. Its clients have included Walgreens, Bed Bath & Beyond, OfficeMax, Mechanics Bank, Pier 1 Imports, Safeway, University of California Berkeley and Washington Hospital Healthcare System.

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Oil and gas exploration activity in Watford City, N.D., and its neighboring communities has put the region in the national spotlight. Many of the developers and builders hoping to be a part of the Bakken Shale building boom may not quite be ready for what they find there, however. 

“We can take you around to places in Watford City that have signs saying ‘coming Fall 2013’ that are later replaced with ‘coming 2014 or 2015’ or so on,” says Todd Rothrock, a co-owner of Watford City-based Titanium Builders and Development. “This is not an easy place to build, and I think a lot of the big national companies who come here to develop or build have the attitude that since they’re big companies from large cities, they’re going to come in and ‘show the country bumpkins how it’s done,’ and that doesn’t bode well for them.”

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