The Holland Companies have successfully navigated the ever-changing design and construction industry over the last 50 years, but in many ways its long history in New England can be seen as only the beginning. What started out as a small construction firm founded by Irish immigrants has grown into a thriving regional builder with a portfolio full of successful and high-profile projects throughout the greater Boston area and beyond. Manager, John Holland says the company has experienced a lot of success in the last half-century, and he expects that to continue well into the future because the family owned and operated firm believes in holding true to its long-standing time-honored craftsmanship principles. 

The Holland Companies consists of M. Holland & Sons Construction and Holland Development, and both grew out of the work Michael and Margaret Holland started after arriving in the United States from their native Ireland. Michael Holland was an apprentice boat builder before coming to Boston, and John Holland says he translated those skills into becoming a successful small construction company in the mid-1960s, with Margaret Holland handling the company’s bookkeeping and office work. 

In its 36th year of providing excellence in general contracting and construction management, R.D. Olson Construction has a well-established reputation in the industry and is now focused on building its legacy for the future. “What have we focused on in the last couple of years?” President Bill Wilhelm asks. “Not letting our prior 35 years of success get in the way of the future and focusing on what kind of change we have to make to adapt to the change in the industry.” 

Founded by Robert Olson in 1979, the Irvine, Calif.-based company has established itself as a nationwide general contracting and construction management firm recognized for reliability and customer loyalty. The company is known for its hospitality construction expertise, as well as its growing presence in healthcare and multi-unit projects. 

The world is going ‘round and ‘round more and more as major cities throughout the world build bigger and bigger observation wheels, each trying to top the other with stunning views from dizzying heights.

One of the earliest of the new set of wheels in urban areas was the London Eye, situated on the South Bank of the River Thames across from the Parliament building and the iconic Big Ben clock tower in downtown London. It was the tallest at 443 feet when it was tilted into position in the millennial year of 2000.

The 541-foot Singapore Flyer opened in 2008 in Asia. Then in 2014 came the High Roller in Las Vegas, which tops out at 550 feet. Next up was the 400-foot Orlando Eye, which opened to the public on International Boulevard near the city’s multiple theme parks last May, making it the most recent observation wheel, if not the tallest.

Grand Canyon Group of Companies focuses on building strong teams that its clients can trust and know will deliver on their expectations. That reputation has resulted in many long-term relationships and has led to the company being chosen to build Las Vegas’ new Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino.

“We do predominately development and construction management,” President and CEO Sam Nicholson says. “What sets us apart is our ability to build and maintain a very strong team; a team that trusts one another, holds each of its members accountable and works hard at problem-solving and creative solutions. The team includes designers, contractors, consultants – everyone, including the owner. Everyone is involved on the project, working towards a collective goal and working better as a team so that we end the project with a win-win scenario.”

A determination to provide the best possible construction management services to clients is the founding principle of John Moriarty & Associates. Since 1985, the company has combined proactive and aggressive preconstruction involvement during the design process with a hands-on approach, ensuring projects meet the quality, timing and financial objective established by the team and clients. 

Through a combination of dynamic teamwork, openness, transparency and clear communication, John Moriarty says it brings a track record of success.

Since January 2000, John Moriarty has constructed 30 million square feet of residential condominiums, apartments and hotels; 9 million square feet of commercial office space; and 2.5 million square feet of research and hospital space. The company has established offices in Winchester, Mass., performing work in eastern Massachusetts and northern New England; Hartford, Conn., performing work throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island; Alexandria, Va., with work in the Washington, D.C., area; and Hollywood, Fla., covering construction work throughout southern Florida.

Nothing brings atmosphere to an interior space like wood. The combination of warmth and strength wood conveys can make nearly any space feel comfortable and impressive at the same time. In the right hands, wood creates interiors that people want to spend time in, and that’s why commercial property owners have turned to Hudec Woodworking Corp. for nearly 30 years. The Indiana-based contractor has become known throughout the United States as one of the premier providers of architectural woodworking for commercial interiors. All across the country, restaurants, hotels and casinos have been enhanced by the Hudec Woodworking touch, and General Manager Gary Hulen says more and more people are taking note of the company today. Hudec received the prestigious award as One of Indiana’s Top Twenty Companies to watch in 2015.  

Soon after its inception in 1940, Hoar Construction found itself with a good problem to have: too much work to do. Thanks to its reputation of professionalism and workmanship, companies were banging down the door to have the company build office buildings, schools, retail shops and hospitals nationwide. 

One of Hoar Construction’s latest ventures is an expansion to the Baybrook Mall in Friendswood, Texas, with Project Manager Nathan Kolbaba, a key member of the leadership team. Kolbaba originally planned to be an architect but fell in love with construction after participating in a construction management program. After a few internships in the industry, Kolbaba found Hoar Construction in 2012 because he was drawn to the operation’s culture, people and its four core values. 

Some people see the future and try to hide from it – others make it. That is the philosophy of proponents of the aerotropolis concept, which Time magazine in 2011 called one of the 10 ideas that will change the way we live. An aerotropolis is a mixed-use development around an airport that features a complete live-work-play community with offices, hotels, residences, retail and restaurant uses and entertainment options, along with air travel and intermodal transportation by rail, bus, auto and bicycle.

The aerotropolis concept has been in existence for several decades and has proliferated primarily at airports in Europe and Asia such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Inchon, Korea. In March 2013, the U.S. General Accounting Office examined conditions for airport-centric development at the airports around Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Detroit, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Miami, St. Louis and Memphis, and had considerable dialogue with Heffner & Weber, particularly given that the BWI Aerotropolis is one of the only privately owned and developed aerotropolis projects in the world.

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