Rhinehart Railroad Construction’s ability to self-perform projects, as well as its emphasis on safety and customer service, continues to make the company a go-to contractor after more than 40 years in business.

Founded in 1970, the Fallston, Md.-based company specializes in building railroad tracks in settings ranging from rural landscapes to industrial parks and city centers. The company’s services include new track construction, engineering, emergency repairs, maintenance, track repair and rehabilitation, track removal, signal work, welding and track inspection services. “ It is through our preventative maintenance programs that we are able to save our clients thousands of dollars and keep them on the right track,” says Vice President Richard E. Rhinehart Jr.

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Penn Builders knows the value of having a good relationship with subcontractors, and it should. President Steve Swartley explains that his father, Vernon, founded the company in 1969 after many years as a masonry contractor. Frustrated that many general contractors dragged their feet when it came time to pay him, Vernon Swartley decided the best thing to do would be to become a general contractor himself. Since then, Penn Builders has become well-known throughout Pennsylvania for being fair with its subcontractors and building high-quality projects for clients in various sectors.

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Based in Elgin, Ill., Martam Construction has spent the past 40 years building a reputation based on its founding commitment to hard work. Today, the family owned company has about 150 employees and performs work on primarily public projects within 25 miles of its headquarters.

“My father started the business, and he was a concrete and structural specialist,” President Robert Kutrovatz says. “For 20 years, we did a lot of work for Fermilab before getting into municipal work, heavy highway, roadways, bridges and streetscape beautification projects in the mid-1990s. Ever since then, we’ve progressed forward into much more heavy highway and larger projects, and now we are also into mass excavation.”

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General contractors serve many roles – whether those roles are explicitly laid out in contracts or they are unwritten tasks necessary to keep a schedule moving – when they win a job as massive as the Energy Center Three structure in Houston. However, Balfour Beatty’s top priority on this project is keeping all involved parties abreast of everything related to construction of this structure, according to Project Manager Jaaron Wood.

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The Sacramento Municipality District (SMUD) has been taking advantage of the sun’s abundant energy since 1984, when it built the nation’s first utility-scale solar array at Rancho Seco, Calif. Today, the site continues to generate 3.2 megawatts of electricity – enough to power 2,200 single-family homes. Over the years, SMUD has continued to pioneer solar efforts in the state, even working with homeowners to put solar panels on their roofs. With the addition of four new photovoltaic sites developed by renewable energy developer Recurrent Energy, SMUD is adding nearly 70 more megawatts of alternating current (AC) to its solar energy portfolio.

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Synergy is especially valuable when it comes to the use of expensive construction equipment. So Ruston Paving Co. Inc. takes advantage of its sizable fleet of paving equipment to apply it to soil stabilization. An example of this is the company’s work on the cottage-style student living quarters for North Carolina State University in Raleigh, N.C.

The housing – which had to be completed by August 2012 when students returned from their summer break – was to be built on a brownfield site, so no material could be removed from it, although traditional methods would have called for removal and replacement of the soil with suitable material.

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RexCon LLC’s owners got their feet wet in the concrete industry decades ago. “My partner and I, Michael Redmond, didn’t come from a manufacturing background,” RexCon President John “Jake” Jacob explains.

“We were raised in the concrete paving business in Chicago,” he continues. “We’ve done installations, we’ve operated plants, we’re familiar with construction sites – that’s how we run our company.”

RexCon understands the concrete business, Jacob emphasizes. “We were distributors in Chicago, and we bought Rex 10 years ago,” he recalls. “We were their largest distributor, and basically, they decided to cancel us as a distributor, so we bought the company. We went from being a distributor to being in the manufacturing business over a weekend.”

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After more than 70 years, some firms might be tempted to become lax on maintaining high standards, but not Reece Albert Inc. Instead, Manager of Business Development Chris Cornell says the company remains dedicated to providing high-quality work. “It’s woven deeply into the culture,” he asserts.

Based in San Angelo, Texas, the family owned company specializes in heavy construction and paving services for clients in west Texas and the border regions. Founder Reece Albert started the company in 1940 after working as an engineer for the city of San Angelo.

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