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AIM Global Logistics thrives by providing diverse transportation and logistics solutions. “We can move anything from point A to point B, whether via truck, ocean, air or rail,” says Angelica Garcia-Dunn, president, founder and CEO. AIM ships anything weighing from a pound to more than 1 million pounds and everything in between, Garcia-Dunn says.

AIM has moved 10 oil rigs from Texas, Oklahoma, California and the Rocky Mountains region to Mexico in the past five months. It handles all aspects of these massive projects, including obtaining the proper cranes, trucks and ships. AIM also ensures all proper permits are obtained by working closely with customs officials.

During one recent job, AIM secured clearance at the Port of Houston and the Port of Dos Bocas in Tabasco, Mexico, to allow for direct discharge onto carefully selected trucks en route to the final destination. Garcia-Dunn, with her bilingual Mexican-American heritage, says she thrives at this sort of cross-border work. There are different business cultures in each nation along with distinctive taxes, cultures and laws, so AIM helps bridge the gap as a middleman, she explains. In this role, AIM often helps both sides translate and negotiate to come to reasonable solutions to challenges.

Some of the biggest challenges to shipping rigs and over-dimensional heavy cargo include things beyond AIM’s control, such as weather conditions. Shipments might be delayed when ports are closed by fog, for example. AIM is especially careful to meet timelines, however, since delays could hamper client schedules.

AIM Family of Companies

AIM manages its growth conservatively, Garcia-Dunn says. She started AIM with $50,000 in savings and a credit card. The fledgling business generated $250,000 in revenues in its opening year of 2009. By 2013, revenue reached $6 million. In the first quarter of 2014, revenue exceeded $9 million. The future is bright for AIM, with Garcia-Dunn planning for the day when AIM generates $50 million in annual revenue and employs 50. Having studied NAFTA in graduate school, she is eyeing the lucrative Canadian markets for future expansions.  

The AIM Family of Companies includes AIM Global Logistics, AIM Over the Road, AIM Transportation, AIM Global Logistics Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V. and AIM Global Financial. 

AIM was the 2012 Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Emerging Business of the Year. AIM is also one of the few minority- and woman-owned business in its niche. “Being a Latina in a male-dominated industry is one the things that sets me apart,” Garcia-Dunn says. This is rare in the United States but it is even more of a rarity in other regions where AIM conducts business, such as South and Central America, she notes. 

Teamwork for Success

Garcia-Dunn emphasizes the importance of teamwork for AIM’s success. “We have a great team,” she says. “I’m 100 percent certain I can’t do this myself so I work with my team and our employees are like family.”

AIM maintains a strong emphasis on safety. The company is also registered to broker freight in 48 states including via flat beds, heavy hauling and oversized equipment. Some of its unique transportation projects have included moving nitrogen storage tanks, agricultural silos, substation transformers and oilfield mining equipment. AIM has also managed the transportation of air ducts, reactors and vessels and generators and compressors. 

AIM utilizes its own asset-based trucks as well as more than 1,000 carriers and vendors for assistance. A single mother of two with strong faith, Garcia-Dunn’s background includes experience in transportation, flatbed trucking logistics, sales, finance and international business. AIM contributes 10 percent of profits to the nonprofit AIM Family Ministries, which are dedicated to local, national and volunteer ministries. Garcia-Dunn leads three service trips per year to the Blessing of Giving Mission near Monterrey, Mexico. She attributes much of her success to faith and prayer and believes in giving back for the good of the community. 

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