For those of a certain age, the term “student housing” evokes a dingy, low-rent vibe. Yet, for today’s collegian, nothing could be farther from the truth. The next generation of student housing includes amenities more similar to a tropical beach vacation resort than substandard housing.

Wolverine Building Group’s newest project – in conjunction with partner West Pac Campus Communities, who is the owner, developer and property manager – is The Rocks At Chandler Crossings in East Lansing, Mich. It is a perfect example of this trend. Slated to open in July, the project adds 119 units and 376 off-campus beds to the off-campus Michigan State University housing stock.  

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Construction of the largest public refrigerated warehouse in North America and the largest single cold storage facility ever built at one time anywhere in the world is on schedule and on budget. 

Indianapolis-based general contractor Victory Unlimited Construction LLC in May 2014 began work on a warehouse for Preferred Freezer Services, a nationwide provider of frozen storage and logistics services for the food industry. The facility is the client’s first in the state of Washington. “This is an exciting, new and different project for us,” Preferred Freezer Services President Brian Beattie said in a statement. “This is our first venture into the Pacific Northwest, with two additional locations in the development stage.”

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When Siteline Interior Carpentry President and Founder Tom Frangella Jr. saw several of his clients go out of business during the onset of the Great Recession in late 2008, he knew he needed guidance. This sort of setback was relatively new territory for Frangella, who had just seen the company reach its highest sales levels during its five-year history.

Frangella’s first call was to Dick Ores, owner of Ores and Company Ltd. , the company’s financial consultant. Ores, who had worked with Frangella for three years at that point, helped Siteline deal with a steep decline in its revenues in 2009. Working closely with Ores and following the advice he received from him, Frangella says he was able to bring the business back up to its 2008 revenue level the following year.  

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In an ever-changing world of construction – new technology, the latest equipment, the most innovative processes – Scheck Industries (, a leading industrial contracting company, has found that sticking to one simple rule throughout its 30 years continues to transcend the test of time.

“We are all about people,” says Scheck President and CEO Randy Peach. “Bottom line. We always have been – always will be. The contracting business used to be about building great relationships – you knew the people building your project. Now, with so much transition and consolidation at the large contracting companies and even with our clients, faces are frequently changing. Clients still want to know, however, that the person on their site today is going to be the same contact tomorrow.”

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As the Regional Industrial Development Corp. (RIDC) marks its 60th anniversary, the developer celebrates not only 60 years of bringing projects to fruition, but 60 years in economic development. While most developers focus on location as a means to turn a profit, RIDC has created a much more distinct role for itself in the development sector of southwest Pennsylvania. 

“We are a private, not-for-profit developer,” President Don Smith explains. “We were created by the civic organizations in the area to be an economic development entity and help grow high-quality, diversified jobs in the region. We operate in an 11-county region from the center of Pittsburgh and going one hour in every direction. In our early days we did receive a little government funding to help grow the economies of other civic engines, but as time went on and we bought up real estate, we’ve been able to live off of our own revenues.” 

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All construction projects are complicated in their own way, but certain types of projects stand out as being more technically involved than most. No matter how complex the project is, however, having people with the proper level of construction expertise is the key to ensuring a successful process. That is why clients have turned to HICAPS for more than 30 years, according to Principal and Vice President Peyton Fairbank. He says the North Carolina-based firm has made its mark by working with clients in some of the most technically demanding sectors in the construction industry, and those clients often turn to HICAPS for help in managing multiple projects. 

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Dilbeck & Sons Inc. has specialized in general contracting services for more than 32 years with a strong focus on building educational facilities all while developing a strong reputation and relationship among local colleges and schools. The company was awarded the new Science Center for Hartnell Community College District, located in Salinas, Calif. The Science Center will stand as the centerpiece of its campus. 

The Salinas, Calif.-based contractor was established in 1982 as a family owned and operated construction company specializing in educational facilities, commercial and residential projects. Dilbeck & Sons provides general contracting, construction management, lease, lease-back and value analysis services to many architects and clients. Sharon Dilbeck is the president and CEO of Dilbeck & Sons and a qualified Women Business Enterprise and Wayne Dilbeck is the vice president. 

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The Blue Springs Public Works Department serves as the foundation of the city of Blue Springs, Mo., as it maintains the infrastructure and protects the public’s safety and environment around-the-clock. “Our work varies from high-profile to the obscure,” Director of Public Works Chris Sandie says. “Road and building construction gets attention, but no one really thinks about us when they turn on the faucet in the morning to brush their teeth.” 

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