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WallworksWallworks Acoustic Architectural Products offers solutions for controlling and reducing sound. 

By Kat Zeman, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media 

When Lyle Fuller walks into a room, he listens. Even if noise and vibrations are absent, he imagines how they would sound in that particular environment. Noise control is his specialty. He knows how to eliminate unwanted sounds. 

“Every room or facility has its own sound characteristics,” says Fuller, owner of Wallworks Acoustic Architectural Products. “What works well in one environment, like a courtroom, many not need the same treatment that is required in a much larger facility like a performing arts center or auditorium.”Wallworks info box

Canada-based Wallworks Acoustic specializes in acoustic solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. An international company, it has a head office in Calgary, Alberta and local sales offices throughout Canada, with affiliations in the United States, the Middle East, China and Europe.

Its solutions are effective at controlling and reducing early reflections, flutter echo, slap echo, excessive reverb and comb filtering that result from sound bouncing off walls and ceilings. The company also offers sound-proofing solutions. “Our products are about sound and noise control with a beautiful designer finish,” Fuller says. 

Range of Solutions  

Wallworks Acoustic manufacturers and distributes modular panels, baffles, diffusers, isolators, graphics, murals and specialized window treatments. In Canada, it also provides contract installations.  

Its Fabri-Lok System is known as one of the best engineered and most complete lines of “stretched fabric retainer track” systems for applying fabric over wall and other surfaces. It can be fitted with a variety of square, beveled, radiused and monolithic edge treatments. The system is designed to handle a wide range of fabrics and selected vinyl finishes with speed and ease.

“We have many kinds of modular wall and ceiling acoustic products in three different sectors  – wood, fabric and vinyl finishes,” Fuller says. “We also custom color some of our panel finishes.”

For clients in need of high-performance sound absorbing panels at a very cost-competitive price, Wallworks Acoustic offers a Fabri-Lok Utili-T system. The unique combination of engineered Fabri-Lok profiles along with the range of panel core materials available, makes the Utili-T Panel System an economic and easily applied choice.

“It’s an easily applied do-it-yourself choise,” Fuller adds. “They can do it themselves or ask us to provide installation for them.”

The Fabri-Lok Series of acoustical ceiling panels is designed to give superior sound absorption while maintaining the look of gypsum board or plaster which allows the panels to seamlessly integrate with surrounding wall and ceiling finishes.

Another option is Aspect Ceiling Panels, which are suitable for applications where they may be mounted via a concealed T-Bar grid system, suspended independently or mounted directly to the wall or ceiling surface. They are used in areas requiring high sound absorption where the look of a painted or micro-perforated washable vinyl finish is preferred. 

“The products that we do the biggest volume with are for sound absorption,” Fuller says. “If your voice bounces off the walls and comes back to audience ears at separate intervals, your brain will be scrambling to define that sound. Our sound absorption products will take care of that.” 

An Eye For Aesthetics 

The company’s acoustic consultants work with clients to analyze and design a proper system to control sound in each individual facility. Architectural silence acoustic and decorative wall and ceiling systems can be custom made or an existing product can be chosen. 

Although Wallworks Acoustic offers residential solutions, most of its business comes from commercial and institutional clients that include universities, schools, hospitals, museums, athletic facilities, corporate boardrooms, music halls, auditoriums, theaters and libraries. 

“A lot of schools are now mandating that a certain noise reduction be required in classrooms because sound levels above a certain level are damaging to ears over a long term and interfere with learning,” Fuller says. “It’s become a definite factor in the past five to eight years.”  

For clients highly-concerned about aesthetics, Wallworks Acoustic offers museum quality and acoustic murals in a variety of sizes. Custom graphics are designed by trained professionals that work with clients to determine their choice of acoustic decor. Fabri-Lok Upholstered Wall Graphics are available in medium to large scaled finishes with or without acoustic options.

The company also specializes in a variety of window coverings and solar shades. From basic manually operated vertical blinds to complex, motor-assist stage curtain systems, Wallworks Acoustic has a solution. 

They include motorized and manual, vertical blinds, venetian blinds, draperies, curtains, projection screens and related hardware. 

Moving Forward

Founded in 1979, Wallworks Acoustic started selling decorative upholstered wall track systems. Today, it has become a leader in acoustic solutions and prides itself on its ability to evolve with its market. 

“The technology in sound and noise control has developed a lot over the last 20 to 30 years,” Fuller says. “It’s not even the same concept anymore.” 

Up until the ‘70s, pegboards were considered an acoustic treatment, he says. When compared to the latest sound suppression devices that are being introduced to the market, the pegboard is ancient dud. 

“There are some new and interesting developments coming out of the industry and we are looking at electronic devices that are capable of addressing sound issues,” Fuller says. 

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