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Anderson Hydra copyAs the only American manufacturer of under-bridge access platforms, Anderson Hydra Platforms provides the safest and most efficient under-bridge access available.
By Bianca Herron, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

After Pat Dandridge acquired Anderson Hydra Platforms (AHP) in 2014, his goal was to deliver the safest, most reliable and cost-effective piece of equipment for under-bridge access for inspection, construction and repair anywhere in the world. Dandridge also aimed to improve the customer experience with the York, S.C.-based company.

“I know that few projects are more complicated than under-bridge repair, upfit, restoration or maintenance,” CEO Dandridge explains. “The time and money spent on traditional scaffolding alone can make or break the profitability of the project. Even the slightest miscalculation could result in an enormous loss of profit or worse, human life.”

In addition, Dandridge founded Anderson Crane & Bridge Technologies (ACBT) in 2004. ACBT is a leader in Hydra Platform rental equipment that services the needs of infrastructure professionals who inspect and repair bridges, wash and paint bridges, install conduit under bridges and the utilities within the conduit.

Keys to Success

AHP and ACBT work together to meet the needs of its customers. This includes partnering and maintaining relationships with state departments of transportation, engineering firms and private contractors, which have all played a critical role in the company’s success.

“They have positively positioned Anderson with rapid growth that has allowed for plant expansion and increased productivity to create equipment that is safe, sound and simple to operate,” Dandridge says. Its relationships with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) are an advantage for ACBT as a rental company, he adds. Anderson Hydra box

“All of our equipment is maintained to like-new design, and is serviced and maintained by the best-qualified entity,” Dandridge says. “For AHP, our competition is located outside the United States. Anderson is the only American manufacturer of under-bridge access platforms, and AHP’s units provide the safest and most efficient under-bridge access available, with uninterrupted under-bridge work area via 35-, 38-, 43- and 66-foot-long platforms.”

Safety is also a top priority for the company, which employs 55 people in total at both AHP and ACBT. “We have a very rigorous program of safety best practices, which are taught and coached daily,” Dandridge explains. “Not only are we vigilant about safety within our organization, but we are also proud of the critical role we play in the improvement of the safety for our nation’s bridges as well as the professionals that inspect, maintain, build, improve and repair them.

“Since the market has become increasingly active with bridge inspections in preparation for much-needed bridge repairs of our country’s crumbling infrastructure, getting people under bridges safely is our passion and our mission,” he adds.

Dandridge also credits the company’s team, which has doubled over the past two-and-a-half years, for its success. Anderson’s key leadership includes President Cyndi Dandridge, CFO Todd Lumpkin, Director of Operations Gerald Davis, Lead Engineer Ben Smith, Director of Client Engagement Chrissy Catoe, and Sales and Rental Coordinator Kristin Cipriani.

Making It Happen

One of the company’s projects was The Florida Keys Overseas Highway Channel 5 Bridge and the Long Key Bridge in Layton, Fla. Anderson Crane & Bridge Technologies provided both equipment and operator services for this month-long project in January 2017.

Carl Gibbons, a certified operator/ trainer and CDL driver, aided the company’s client with under bridge access for inspection and repairs. “Carl trained the client on how to operate the platform controls of the hydra platform while he offered operator services for the deck controls of the unit, allowing the crew to stay on the platform working while Carl advanced the unit forward on the bridge,” Dandridge explains.  

“Each and every certified operator/ trainer with Anderson goes through an extensive training program with over 200 hours of supervised operation of our units prior to working independently with our valued clients,” he adds.

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