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Even today, in the age of connectivity and a technology solution for everything, many building owners still rely on manual e-mails, spreadsheets and PDFs to manage construction projects. This isn’t all that surprising: historically, the construction industry has been slow to adopt new technology. In fact, according to a recent KPMG survey, two-thirds of the 200-plus construction executives surveyed said they do not use advanced data analytics to monitor project-related estimation and performance.  However, as many are discovering, this obsolete method isn’t working.

Depositphotos 30915029 s 2015By Alex Clark-McGlenn

In recent years, cloud technology has changed the way businesses communicate and collaborate. Thanks to these cloud tools, companies can share projects across digital technology platforms, streamline workflow and manage customer information, transactions and more. So how do you know which tools are best for your team? And which tools will they need to effectively tackle problems while at a job site? Here's a look at the best cloud tools for mobile work teams.

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The complexities and moving pieces in every construction company could intimidate any manager. Every job, every contract, every transaction is fraught with physical, financial and digital risk. But while risks can't be eliminated entrirely, they can be managed and mitigated. Construction professionals need to make considerations, large and small, when successfully managing risk within their company.

ThinkstockPhotos 534757281By Gary L. Seider

Whether you’re a specifier, designer, architect or contractor, you know that the materials used in construction can mean the difference between a high-quality project and a disaster waiting to happen. While many people may trust their own judgment and expertise in choosing the proper materials, there’s an easier way to go about getting the right materials for a job: selecting products that are ICC-ES compliant. ICC Evaluation Service is a nonprofit limited liability company whose stated mission is to perform “technical evaluations of building products, components, methods and materials.”

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Nearly 6 percent of all small businesses in the United States are in the construction industry, according to the Small Business Administration. While you may have an office out of your home, most of the business you do probably happens from the back of your truck. By its very nature, construction is as big or as small as the next contract you land, so it only makes sense to design your company to be scalable and avoid waste.

ThinkstockPhotos 494480125By Willy Schlacks

Traditionally, fleet managers are uptime-minded. They devote their focus to machines that are in use. But what if fleet management were looked at from an angle that views idle machines as both an issue and an opportunity? With this approach, fleet managers might realize that an astonishing proportion of their assets are underutilized. They also might realize that they have no idea where these idle assets are located or whether they’re in working order.

Depositphotos1By Lauren Topor

A lot has changed since the first apartment buildings were built. In the early 19th century multi-unit horizontal living began to take off because it was affordable and convenient. Fast-forward to today and apartments are still affordable and convenient choices for many people, but there have been many updates over the years.

sink blogBy Nicki Escudero

Sinks may seem like a minor part of a new home, but they make a significant impact in a buyer's decision to purchase. Sinks that combine beautiful aesthetics with high function provide value to those looking forward to preparing meals easily in the kitchen and enjoying a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom.

Presenting a sink homebuyers love means they'll be less likely to worry about needing money for renovations, an added benefit to getting people interested in your property. Here are five of the most prominent sink styles contractors should know about.


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