Depositphotos1By Lauren Topor

A lot has changed since the first apartment buildings were built. In the early 19th century multi-unit horizontal living began to take off because it was affordable and convenient. Fast-forward to today and apartments are still affordable and convenient choices for many people, but there have been many updates over the years.

sink blogBy Nicki Escudero

Sinks may seem like a minor part of a new home, but they make a significant impact in a buyer's decision to purchase. Sinks that combine beautiful aesthetics with high function provide value to those looking forward to preparing meals easily in the kitchen and enjoying a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom.

Presenting a sink homebuyers love means they'll be less likely to worry about needing money for renovations, an added benefit to getting people interested in your property. Here are five of the most prominent sink styles contractors should know about.


DepositphotosBy Staci Matt

Mobile technology is on the rise, with more and more people each year relying on smartphones and other mobile devices as their primary way of accessing the internet. With comfort levels rising and the capabilities of mobile technology expanding, cell phones are finding a more prominent role in both personal and professional spheres. The construction industry is no exception. Handheld devices can increase productivity in a number of ways. Here are some ideas for integrating mobile technology into your construction site.

ThinkstockPhotos 515812817By Christian Sanz 

New Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules will take effect later this month, forever changing the landscape of construction surveying. Announced June 21, new Part 107 regulations no longer require drone operators to possess an aircraft pilot’s license. The updated restrictions call for a knowledge test and remote pilot certification for drone operators. Industry experts estimate the rule change could generate more than $82 billion for the United States economy and create at least 100,000 jobs in the coming decade.

ThinkstockPhotos 86542625By David Worrell

Contractors around the country are worried. Regulatory changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) start in December, and contractors want to know if they will have to change the compensation of their salaried employees.

The answer to this is a resounding “maybe.” Some comp plans will certainly have to be examined – the most obvious being salaried workers in the field, particularly crew chiefs and field supervisors.

ThinkstockPhotos 153983808

By Dena Sokolow and Jodi Taylor

The Department of Labor's (DOL) proposed overtime regulations are one step closer to becoming a reality for the construction industry. Once the rule is finalized, an additional five million "exempt" workers will become eligible for overtime. What is the new rule, and how should you prepare?

ThinkstockPhotos 492457408

By Steve Fountaine

With the warmer temperatures of spring quickly approaching, now is a great time to take on a few "spring cleaning" tasks not just around your home, but around your commercial building as well. After all, your commercial building has likely been through a lot over the harsh, cold months of winter. Here are a few spring cleaning maintenance tips that you'll want to follow to ensure that your building is ready inside and out for the warmer seasons.

ThinkstockPhotos 518648746

By Rebecca Stone

One of the biggest trends in construction today is repurposing existing buildings for new uses. Frequently, clients want to adapt old buildings with great bones instead of building new because the design elements and unique attributes within the existing structure often cannot be replicated or recreated. Although repurposed buildings are both trendy and desirable, the challenges that can arise when attempting to enhance their appeal while adding improved functionality are often unexpected.

ThinkstockPhotos 517498840

By David Bronovicki

From high school kids switching classes to employees wheeling medical equipment, it’s a fact that the interiors of some buildings will take more of a beating than others. When you’re planning high-traffic construction projects for hospitals, outpatient centers, transportation hubs and schools, you understand resilience is often on the want list, while value is always on the need list.

Here are some ways you can upsell interior wall protection that offers clients resilience and value:

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