Strategies to Build a Strong Construction Team

Blog 112 Construction TeamBy Brian Binke

Building a high performing construction team takes careful thought and strategizing. In addition to hiring talented construction professionals, you need to train each team member to have the right combination of skills so that they are performing at their best. This includes developing their ability to collaborate, concentrate, and manage their stress. You also need systems in place to reinforce trust, productivity and efficiency.

Safety: Stress Management and Mindfulness

Construction work is often mentally and physically stressful. Not only will your team have to deal with safety and health concerns not found in most other careers, but construction workers can have little control over their schedule. The work itself is also physically demanding. When building a strong construction team, stress management needs to be one of the focuses of your strategy. When stress is not managed properly, team members will be more likely to make risky mistakes.

More construction firms are focusing their training on mindfulness. Usually when accidents or mistakes happen, the person’s mind is distracted.You want your team to be able to stay focused on the task at hand for maximum safety and productivity. There are online training programs out there, such as the one recently launched by Building Site to Boardroom, that educates construction workers on how their emotional well-being affects their work performance. They will be able to follow directions better and stay in the moment - greatly improving your team’s safety. 

Productivity: Collaboration and Teamwork

Building a team that works well together begins in the hiring phase. You want to consider a candidate’s interpersonal skills before hiring them. If they come across as arrogant, distant or stubborn, these are red flags. Instead, look for candidates who are eager to work in a team environment. 

Team-building exercises are also helpful. Such exercises help to establish trust within the team, while also demonstrating what a successful team dynamic actually looks like. You want the team to be able to learn from each other, lean on each other, and bounce ideas off each other. Because the work can be hazardous, trust is also extremely important. The talent needs to feel confident that their team members have their back. 

Skills: Continued Education and Training 

The technology and skills used in construction work are constantly evolving. This is why continual training is important. The more skills and knowledge that your team members have, the smarter and more efficiently they will be able to work. You must first understand what your business needs are, so you can choose training resources that will accomplish your objectives. Once you have this understanding, you will be able to choose the combination of compliance training and non-compliance training strategies that will optimize your team. 

eLearning makes training a lot easier. Rather than devoting a day to training and interrupting the work flow, it can be better to train on the job. For example, you can stream a demonstration and then have your team immediately apply the skills they learned on the job. Keep in mind that training only works if you have a way to measure its effectiveness. You want each team member to be able to see what skills they have mastered and what skills they still need to improve.

The best way to build a strong, competent team is to have systems set in place to train new members while allowing veteran team members to continually develop their skills. You also need systems in place to reinforce safety, trust, and cooperation. The better your team can work together, the more productive they will be. 

Brian Binke is the founder and CEO of The Birmingham Group (TBG). TBG is a globally recognized executive search and consulting firm specializing in the construction arena. Over the past 22 years, Brian has established himself as one of the construction industries most respected leaders. He has won numerous awards for his industry innovation and has been recognized as the No. 1 worldwide revenue producing manager for the largest recruitment network of more than 800 independent firms.




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