Why Your Crew Needs to Be Up on the Latest Home Trends

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By Sara Parker

It's the beginning of a new year, and that means new trends are popping up left and right. While your construction crew may not need to follow the Pantone color of the year, they do need to understand what's happening currently and what's on the horizon in the home industry. The following are just a few reasons why your crew needs to stay up to date:

Understand New Building Methods

With technology advancing every day, the tools used for home construction are changing. One popular trend for 2018 is building modular, or prefabricated, homes, which means about 80 percent of the home is built offsite and then moved onsite to be finished. This type of construction cuts down on noise and neighborhood disruption and is safer and more data driven. GenieBelt explains that modular constructions heavily relies on data to build more precise homes, which means that your crew needs to be trained to read, understand and execute this data into a physical building.

Know the Latest Designs

Your crew also should know the latest designs for the home they're building so they know what tools and skills they need to bring to the job. For example, there are a wide variety of doors you may be installing in a house, from large French doors in the entryway to sliding barn doors in the master bathroom. Your team needs to be trained on how to install every type of door, window and flooring before they start on the part of the project.

Be More Environmentally Friendly

Green construction techniques are becoming more and more common. Your crew needs to understand what buildings require to be LEED certified as well as how to use and work with environmentally friendly products, tools and designs. Your team should know how to build a home that has efficient airflow and good insulation to reduce on heating and cooling costs. They should know how to install solar panels and double-paned windows. And one of the most importantly, how to reduce the amount of waste by reusing as much as possible.

Stay Safe

Some of the latest trends have been developed to reduce workplace accidents and make construction sites safer. One of the more advanced innovations is an exoskeleton that helps workers use heavy equipment for longer periods of time while using less physical exertion. Not only does this decrease the amount of exertion-related injuries, such as exhaustion and back strain, but it also helps your crew be more efficient and productive.

Some less extreme examples of safety technology includes apps, data and tracking. For example, you may want your team to clock in and out of work on an app so you can keep track of their working hours. Or, you may want to track who is at which jobsite, so you can account for everyone on your crew in case of an emergency. You also can use data and virtual reality to check out a jobsite to better understand the conditions and potential safety hazards before bringing people to the site.

Your crew needs to be up on the latest home trends because it helps them do their job more efficiently, accurately and safely. Be sure to give them all the training and tools they need, and your business will be up to date with all of the latest trends.

Sara Parker started her writing and editing career in the world of technology and gaming. She has written numerous articles about the tech world and knows more about the cloud than she ever thought she would. She's an Android enthusiast and is always looking to learn about the next big thing in tech.

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