Transforming Your Construction Business Through Telepresence

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The amount of time spent on construction meetings may be a necessary part of the job to cover everything from project status to safety but doesn't have to consume precious time. Jim Hees argues it's entirely possible for construction meetings to be short, to the point, and effective by staying focused and on task. But how and where you run your meetings also matters.

It’s inevitable to need some on-site meetings with your crew, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rely on telepresence to create a virtual meeting room to reduce travel time and work around busy schedules quickly. It’s also a smart way to monitor your construction site in real time without the need to be there physically. Here’s how to transform your construction business through telepresence.

Hold Video Meetings

There are dozens of live meeting software options you can use for your construction meetings, but unless you just need to jump on for a quick chat from time to time, you should choose premium tools over free versions. When you use a free product like FaceTime or Google Hangout, you risk troubleshooting and trying to figure out how to connect multiple users on your own.

GoToMeeting or Zoom can pull in multiple HD video streams and onboard multiple users to jump into a meeting easily. There’s also not much of a learning curve to get video conferences up and running with multiple users.

Use Virtual Phone Systems

When you don't need a video conference for ongoing construction meetings, try a cloud phone system to keep tabs on the project. Ring Central virtual phone system works online and can take calls directly from your laptop or smart device. Construction businesses can also use a virtual phone system to call, text and fax and automatically take incoming calls that route through your devices seamlessly.

Use a virtual phone system in tandem with a high-quality smartphone and route calls to your device. The Samsung Galaxy S8 plus can take your virtual phone calls and also features a 6.2" QHD to take videos and photos of your construction site to pass on to investors or present at your next meeting.

Use Satellite Phones

It’s not always possible to run a construction site in a remote location without in-person meetings. Internet and phone signals aren’t always available and make it difficult to find out what’s going on with a project without constantly be present.

Instead of being tied down to the construction site, give your team access to Iridium satellite phones to stay in touch. One example is Hitachi Construction Machinery using Iridium phones. The company uses satellite phones for their remote construction projects to stay connected in areas without an established network.

Collaborate on Projects Online

You can collaborate on projects without needing to pick up the phone or video conference with your entire crew. You can also collaborate on projects online with tools like Slack. Grant and revoke permission access depending on the project, share files and hop on IM to ask a quick question. Or you can use their video conference tool to launch an online meeting and still sort through the project details without leaving the platform.

You can run a successful meeting and manage projects without needing to ever set foot on your construction site. Give your crew the tools and technology they need to stay accountable and keep in touch to turn your project into a success.

Susan Finch is a freelance writer living in Atlanta who loves helping businesses improve their bottom line with compelling copy that sparks action. When she's not writing, she's traveling with her family and plotting her next creative pursuit.

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