Are Your Habits Damaging Your Construction Equipment?


construction equip featured imageBy Jemima Meyers

Construction and other heavy equipment is a vital asset to many businesses. Since it's a substantial financial investment, it is only fair to keep up with its maintenance at all times. Unfortunately, some silly habits can damage your construction equipment and adversely affect your ROI. There are some great tips to help you change those habits and ensure your construction equipment remains functional for a long time to come.


Failure in Maintaining Operational Records

One of the biggest mistake owners make is to ignore the operational records of the equipment, whichshould be updated regularly as a part of construction equipment service. The records help with regular repairs and inspections so maintenance companies can preserve the worthy life of your equipment. Failure to retain operational records can raise high concerns for its maintenance as the servicing checklists and accurate records are not in place. The operational records also essential for the operating individual. If a machine operator changes, these files would at least help the concerned person know which part requires maintenance and when.

Not Cleaning Regularly

Assuming construction equipment is designed for rough and tough usage, their thorough cleaning is often ignored. It is crucial to plan out a cleanup routine to maintain and preserve heavy equipment and extend its use. 

Your construction equipment operates under different environmental conditions. From dust storms to rain and muddy terrain, the equipment remains operational. To ensure harsh environmental conditions does not damage your machines, make sure you thoroughly clean it and follow a schedule to do it often.

Not Keeping Track of Fluid Levels

Another major mistake is not checking fluid levels or following the guidelines to keeping them filled. While not all the construction equipment you own will use fluids, some would. The only way to find out is to check and keep track.

In addition to timely filling, it is also essential to document your refills. This will not only help keep track of the maintenance but will also keep the current operating personnel informed.

Not Keeping a Check on the Electrical Wiring                              

According to experts, it is of particular importance to keep the electrical wiring of construction equipment in working condition. The wiring is often under the exposure of dangerous elements and requires regular inspection and thorough protection during operations.

If the machinery is used in cold climate, frequent exposure to snow leaks, melting ice and rainwater can also interfere with the electrical wiring. Without enough protection, it will not only impact the equipment's life but also pose a threat to the user.

Ignoring the Misalignment

Keeping in mind the areas where construction equipment is used, it is a common mistake to ignore misalignment. It is important to note that the vehicle alignment could come under severe stress due to operations in rough terrains. Therefore, it requires thorough inspection and fixing in time.

Scheduling regular machine checks can quickly correct these problems and improve your equipment's lifetime. Remember these simple changes can keep your equipment safe and properly maintained. More importantly, your heavy machines will remain functional for a long time.

Jemima Meyers is a passionate blogger who is most interested in writing on the prevailing trends in the automobile and equipment industry. Her articles have been featured in some of the most authoritative blogs of the said niche and currently, she is associated with Equip Sells It, leading machinery traders that deal in quality new and used equipment. For more updates follow her on twitter @RudolphBlogger and become friends on Facebook.

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