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It’s no secret that a company’s success is built on the hard work of its employees. However, according to a survey conducted by analytics company, Gallup, close to 70 percent of Americans are not showing up to work committed to reaching their potential, highlighting a dissatisfaction in the workplace. The average employee turnover rate in the construction industry alone in 2013 was between 20 to 38 percent. 

Possibly due to poor management, low morale or bad work conditions, unsatisfied employees can cost companies thousands of dollars in turnover fees, as well as significant declines in productivity and economic growth. How do you ensure your workers are happy and giving their all in the workplace? Let’s take a look. 

Invest In Good Equipment

Construction workers are often managing heavy, mechanical and sometimes dangerous equipment. It can take time, focus and a lot of elbow grease to manoeuvre such machinery, and this is only interrupted if the equipment isn’t the best quality. Not to mention, out-dated materials can be dangerous and frustrating. Try investing in good quality equipment, whether it’s your big machines or a simple pair of gloves - your employees will be thankful for the improvements and relatively stress-free labor.

Show You Care

Employees devote an average of 40 hours per week of their time to the success of your company, so ensuring they know their valued can be important to retaining satisfied employees. Team unity, physical and mental health and recreational activities are important to happiness and productivity within the workplace, so try taking interest in these aspects. You could organize events, like a sporting team, weekend camping trip, dinner and drinks or simple group bonding activities. You could also offer services such as gym memberships or company counselling. Employees will get the chance to build relationships and feel supported and therefore motivated to work hard, which can improve the everyday experience.

Empower Your Employees

Feeling powerless in a role can often be disheartening for many workers. So, how do you minimise micromanaging your employees while still feeling comfortable to offset responsibility? A comprehensive training program is provides your employees with the knowledge they need to complete task individually and feel empowered at work. They feel more satisfied, while you are left with trustworthy, skilled labour: a win-win.

You could also try asking your employees – conduct regular surveys, team meetings and open discussions to see what they like, dislike and aspire to at work. This open forum implies inclusiveness and can build company morale.

Reward Good Work

It’s usually satisfying when an employee does good work. It sets an example for fellow workers, contributes to company goals and increases profit. So why not reward your employees for this effort? A comprehensive bonus package is a great way to promote hard work and commitment at your company, as well as keep employees happy. Whether it’s based on budgets, particular tasks or tenure, a bonus scheme can be mutually beneficial.

Remain Competitive

Construction is a growing industry, and with that comes competition for not only business, but the best workers. How do you attract skilled employees?  Often, it comes down to offering competitive salaries. However, if this doesn’t suit you, try improving your benefits package, such as healthcare, bonuses, holidays and sick leave. Team bonding, company events and overall morale can also be seen as employee benefits that set your business apart. 

By taking the necessary steps to ensure your employees are motivated, fulfilled and happy at work, your company has the potential to boost productivity, cut costs and build a positive reputation within the construction industry. Try implementing these tips in your workplace and notice the benefits.

Naomi Bagga is a young Australian native living in Los Angeles, who has worked in media, marketing and sales. She is passionate about music, entertainment, freelance writing, entrepreneurship and the changing media landscape, and loves photography, fashion, travel and a good cup of coffee. 


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