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As a contractor, staying up to date with current market trends is an essential part of keeping your business relevant and profitable. Environmental consciousness is more than just a buzz word these days — both professionals and homeowners are adopting more environmentally friendly practices now than ever before. If you want to reshape your construction brand to incorporate some of these practices, there are several things to take into consideration. Here are some top tips to help you rebrand as a green construction brand.

Focus on Sustainability

Green businesses of all kinds focus on creating a more sustainable work environment and providing services that are less harmful to the environment. Although the practices you use for your green construction business will vary according to your particular field of expertise, there are several factors that apply to all green contractors across the board. Sustainability is key for construction brands in particular — green builders use a variety of sustainable practices that decrease their carbon emissions, reduce waste, and help the local economy and environment around them.

Sustainability in the field of construction means incorporating locally sourced materials in builds and using sustainable and energy efficient building components in as many areas of a build as possible. Green building products and techniques can make your next green build more sustainable. Make sure your HVAC system as well as windows and appliance are all Energy Star-rated, and choose energy-efficient roofing and insulation whenever possible. Eco-friendly construction also includes reducing site wastage and adopting low-tech building practices that require fewer big machines and rely instead on manpower and craftsmanship. Construction brands that are ultra energy conscious strive for Net Zero Energy Building criteria, wherein the energy produced by a building is equal to or greater than the energy consumed. 

Undertake Green Training

In order to provide the best possible eco-friendly service for your customers, a green construction brand should undertake specialized training programs and be accredited with appropriate certifications. The U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC’s) GPRO is a national training program developed by the Urban Green Council at USGBC New York that offers construction professionals the opportunity to learn about sustainability and green building practices. In addition to signing up for this national program, you can also check with other professionals to find out the latest developments in the green construction industry and get recommendations on other training programs in your area.

Once you feel confident in your green construction skills (including specialized training programs for your particular field of expertise), think about building your green portfolio. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, which also comes from the USGBC, rates the sustainability of individual building projects and awards certificates based on their scores. Although this is the most widely used rating system for green buildings, alternative certifications – such as the Green Building Initiative’s Green Globes program – have recently become more common in the construction industry as well. Generally speaking, the more LEED-certified (or Green Globe-certified) builds you have, the better your personal environmental rating.

Sell Yourself

After researching environmental construction practices and completing relevant training and accreditations, perhaps the most important part of rebranding your business is spreading the word about your new green status. Bolster your growing LEED-certified portfolio by amassing recommendations and reviews from clients and other professionals who can vouch for your green expertise. Update and link all your social media accounts to include information about your eco-friendly practices, services and products. If you have them, make sure to include statistics about how much energy and money your green practices can save potential leads. Finally, consider your existing brand and whether you may want to change your name and/or logo to reflect your new green priorities. 

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