Three Tips for a Successful Company YouTube Channel

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If done right, a YouTube channel can be a valuable asset to any marketing campaign. As the second largest search engine and third most visited site after Google and Facebook, it's no wonder companies are creating their own channels on the video platform. However, as with any marketing strategy, it's important that it is executed correctly to ensure maximum benefit. Check out these quick tips to get your company's channel up to scratch:


Create Quality Videos

Quality may seem like an obvious target, but you'd be surprised how many unclear, unedited, badly-produced videos are uploaded onto YouTube. To avoid falling into the "Crappy Video" category, focus on two things: equipment quality and content quality. Subjects for YouTube videos should vary and always be related to the topics that your target audience would find interesting. While uploading your TV advertisements is a good idea, maybe expand the nature of the videos to include more personal experiences. How about a video from a recent conference your staff attended? Or customer testimonials? Look to other successful companies for ideas. Health and beauty company Amway, for example, targets entrepreneurs and dreamers with its heart-warming and inspiring videos that include testimonials and short features on real people living the American Dream.

Try and give your audience something they can't find anywhere else: an interesting fact, a new construction technique, a sneak peek into a new house or a behind the scenes look at your latest project. But while it's important to be innovative, be careful that your videos don't stray too much from your brand.

Engage People on Your Channel

As with many other social media platforms, keeping your content popular involves engaging with audiences on your channel. To do this, try remaining active by uploading videos on a regular basis. This will help keep your brand on your readers' minds and will give them a reason to continue following your channel. Another way to increase engagement is by responding to comments and likes by followers. Ensure you are replying to people's questions, comments and concerns with helpful or meaningful responses. This will convey relatability and help your audience to feel that they are getting something out of being on your channel.

Include a Call to Action on Your Other Platforms

Having a successful YouTube channel means that you are attracting heaps of viewers to your video content. In order to drive these views, it's important to include YouTube in all parts of your business and marketing scheme. Employ a call to action for audiences to check out your channel on various other platforms including Facebook, Instagram and even print or in-person. You could even upload a YouTube video directly to Facebook so you have instant engagement. By consistently mentioning your YouTube channel, you will be able to raise awareness and hopefully drive more traffic.

With so many options to promote your construction business and brand online, YouTube stands out as one of the most popular platforms. Try employing these few tips first so that you can maximize on the benefits of the site and engage larger audiences.

Naomi Bagga is a young media professional living in Australia. She works at UK-based digital partner marketing firm, Performance Horizon. She is passionate about music, entertainment, freelance writing and the changing media landscape and loves photography, fashion, travel and a good cup of coffee.

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