SURVEY: How important are culture and leadership to safety?

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Construction Today safety columnist Joshua Estrin is conducting a survey regarding the future of construction safety. 

The short surveys, below, are completely anonymous and will allow you to share your expertise and insights by answering questions that will take no more than 10 to 15 minutes to complete.  We encourage you to take ALL the surveys that apply.



Management (general contractors, safety supervisors, foremen, etc.):

Worker (all trades – union and non union):





In an extremely hazardous industry such as construction the historical response to safety is based on a reactive approach or more simply AFTER the accident occurs. Although there has been some change in the last decade away from this practice a great deal more needs to occur to keep the worker safe.

The importance of these surveys is in the focus on measures that allow for proactive safety monitoring and input from workers who deserve a safe work environment.  The industry has made an effort to approach safety in this manner, but the full potential to reduce the need to wait for the system to fail in order to successfully assess problems and in turn take action has been underutilized.

The main goal of these surveys is to look at the relationship between management’s leadership styles and the impact on climate of safety, as this is what will have the most far-reaching influence on worker safety. The second goal will be to be to understand management’s perception of climate of safety in an effort to further understand how safety related policies and procedures are communicated from the top down. The third goal will be to understand how workers perceive managements leadership styles as this will offer further insight into the effectiveness of worker perception of leadership on job site safety from the bottom up with the fourth and final goal being that of understanding worker perception of climate of safety in an effort to gauge the impact of perception on actual safety outcomes.



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