Three Ways to Upsell Interior Wall Protection

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By David Bronovicki

From high school kids switching classes to employees wheeling medical equipment, it’s a fact that the interiors of some buildings will take more of a beating than others. When you’re planning high-traffic construction projects for hospitals, outpatient centers, transportation hubs and schools, you understand resilience is often on the want list, while value is always on the need list.

Here are some ways you can upsell interior wall protection that offers clients resilience and value:

  1. Save time and money on repair and maintenance.
    Conventional interior walls simply don’t have what it takes to stand up to backpacks, gurneys, suitcases, or any other type of abuse high-traffic areas experience on a daily basis. An upgrade to interior wall protection offers clients a heavy-duty product that’s easy to maintain and clean. The facility will save time and money on low-hassle repairs for chips, nicks and scratches. The result is an interior that maintains its clean, professional look longer—and for less money over time.  
  2. Meet green building goals.
    Non-residential construction projects are increasingly going green. LEED specifications were outlined in 71 percent of projects with a value of $50 million or higher, according to stats compiled by the U.S. Green Building Council. The organization also notes that retrofit construction projects will spend an estimated $960 billion before 2023 on incorporating green features into existing buildings. Interior wall protection made from PVC-free material offers clients a product that’s both safe and resilient. Whether the wall material is made from certified wood products or renewable materials, quality interior walls can help facilities meet LEED specifications.
  3. Create a one-of-a-kind facility.
    Think “heavy-duty material” means “industrial-grade boring”? Not anymore. Give clients the option to upgrade interior walls with colors, textures, or digitally embedded images. Empower them to create an environment that precisely fits the facility’s vision and function. Imagine bright, fun color in a children’s hospital or meditative scenery in a medical imaging center. Digitally embedded images also give clients the opportunity to incorporate logos and other branding features safely on interior walls.

Your clients depend on you for guidance to make the best decisions for their construction project. Offer interior wall upgrades that provide resilience and value long after the champagne from the ribbon cutting is gone.

David Bronovicki is senior manager of product marketing for interior wall protection, including Acrovyn®, Acrovyn by Design® and the Acrovyn Wall Panel System, at Construction Specialties, a family-owned building products company providing solutions to complex problems that architects, designers, building owners, facility managers and contractors face every day. 

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