Durable Products for Dangerous Job Sites

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By Jayme Cook

Construction sites can be brutal on the personal accessories. One slip of the hand can result in the 40-foot drop of a smartphone, ending with the poor little guy in pieces over a slab of sheet rock. One misstep and your expensive shades are launched in a pile of gravel, lens down. Even your favorite wristwatch has fallen victim to the scuffs and scratches that come with the construction zone terrain.


If you're a contractor who spends hours on site day in and day out, instead of having to replace your personal items every time they break on the job, look for more durable products or ones with good insurance plans. Here are four durable products that you can buy once, take to the construction site and still bring home in own piece.

Wrist Watch

Rated one of most durable time pieces by Men's Fitness magazine, Tsovet’s SVT-PX87 is likely to survive nuclear fallout. The case is made of a ploy-nylon composite that is high-impact resistant. Combine that with diffuse plates that minimize impact and a curved bezel designed to disperse energy upon contact, and you have a timepiece that you could launch from the Empire State Building without doing any damage. Plus, the face is made of hardened crystal, one of the most resistant materials to water and cracking. So, not only does it keep ticking, but it still looks pretty doing it.


The HTC One phone is ideal for the construction site environment for two reasons: It is 100 percent metal, making it more durable than plastic composite phones. If the durability of the phone fails under the vicious terrain of the site, replacing the phone is easy and affordable. With all the bells and whistles of a smartphone, this one is just smarter for the contractor on the go.


One of the most durable and reputable brands on the market is Oakley. With the company's line of impact-resistant, military- and government-grade shades, the Oakley SI has upped the development and testing to an all-time high and exceeded industrial standards in clarity and impact resistance. They are suitable sunglasses for the contractor that works in all weather conditions, even in the dirty trenches of the job site. They are perfect for those who are in the field working long hours.


If you're lucky enough to be in a zone safe for music listening, German-made Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO are proclaimed functional, comfortable and nearly invincible. Though not particularly pretty, the ear pads are constructed of resistant plastic and the metal headband is protected by a leather banding for secure and reliable performance. You can also choose between velour or leather textures for the ear pads for stylish comfort. And they come with a coiled, rubber-shielded durable chord.

If you work long days in the grounded trenches or sun-weathered shift in the high alps of the construction site topography, you know the many personal items you have sacrificed in the name of the job. Stop losing your treasured belongings to lackluster workmanship. Tough jobs call for tough products. Buy durable and reliable.

Jayme Cook loves DIY projects and previously worked in the home building and construction industry. Cook studied writing in Wales, United Kingdom, and is now an English instructor living in Phoenix, Ariz.

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