Extend Equipment Life Through Proper Maintenance

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By Jemima Meyers

Equipment is expensive, and you definitely want a decent and high ROI on the capital that you have invested.  Heavy industrial equipment –especially farming, industrial or mining equipment – demands proper maintenance to ensure it functions smoothly.


Workplace safety and of the workers is of utmost concern when it comes to equipment, so your company must ensure that these heavy machines operate at their optimum capacity and do not pose any potential threat to their surroundings. Regularly scheduled and preventive measures will save both lives and property. Roughly 15 to 20 percent of all industrial accidents and 10 to 15 percent of all fatal industrial accidents are attributable to maintenance operations as reported by The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Operational Matters

The mishandling of equipment can lead to malfunctioning. One very important step of keeping equipment maintained is how you handle and operate itin the first place. Your equipment is bound to undergo wear and tear much faster if you do not follow the basic technicalities and precautions. Stay on top of heavy machinery operator training, which includes training workers to handle machinery the way they are supposed to be used, to avoid any pitfalls. Operator manuals can be simplified down to simpler language. 

Don’t Overwork Your Machines

Just like you as a human being needs rest and tend to get exhausted at some point in time, machines although are non-living things need rest as well. This will prevent them from getting heated up unnecessarily and decreasing the life of the machine. Too much friction might develop if you put undue pressure on the machine. Hence lubricating your machines time and again is advised. This greatly reduces machinery wear and breakdown. 

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance and Repair 

To ensure that you are productive and are able to function efficiently on all fronts, you go for routine checkups. Similarly, if you want your assets to last and keep serving you for as long as possible it is important that you keep a close check on possible signs of wear and tear. Inspect, identify and repair spare parts where needed. Being consistent in routinely checking your machines and their components will extend your equipment life. High temperatures, friction, shock and vibration can all contribute to the breakdown of parts and should be taken care of.

Heavy equipment is the backbone of any business that employs them to carry out business operations. Extending the useful life of your machinery through proper maintenance will bring benefits in the long run.

Jemima Meyers is a passionate blogger who loves to write about technology trends. She is a regular contributor at many authoritative blogs and currently she is working for eQuip Sells It, a dump trucks and other heavy machinery dealer.

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