From Disasters to Dream Homes

By Alexander Ruggie 

Many times when homeowners have a pipe burst or roof leak, they think that their house will never be the same again. The sad fact of the matter is that they are right, it will never be the same, but that can be more of an opportunity than just an unfortunate occurrence. Disasters like water damage can certainly destroy whatever they come into contact with in homes, but this also presents a chance for homeowners to switch things up and use the situation for improvements that wouldn’t have been made otherwise.

A roof leak is a clear sign that there are bigger structural problems happening behind the scenes in your ceiling or walls. This can mean thousands in restoration costs, but that money can be used more wisely than many people realize. These situations offer homeowners the chance to improve the insulation and decrease air transference within their attics or walls by taking advantage of things like energy efficient windows, home air sealing or spray foam insulation which are all vastly more energy efficient than traditional building materials and techniques. The initial cost of some of these approaches that homeowners can utilize may be slightly higher, but the return on that investment pays dividends when it comes to monthly utility bills.

Homeowners can also take advantage of the fact that builders are already doing a job and so the costs for adding elements to the project already underway such as solar panel installation becomes cheaper than it would be if it were a stand-alone project. A simple ceiling leak can require an entire roof to be redone, and this is truly low hanging fruit when it comes to making your home more green with repairs that are needed anyway. Dark colored roofs absorb more of the solar energy from the sun than light colored roofs do. This is called albedo, and it’s a product of reflection and thermal absorption from the sun. When redoing a roof, there are many techniques ranging widely in costs and applications depending on slope angle and the geographical location of the roof in general, but one of the easiest to take advantage of are coatings that will reduce the amount of sunlight that is absorbed by the home. These coatings also give the roof increased durability and also the capacity to repel weather elements, that all result in an increased energy efficiency ratings and overall lowered utility bills.

Disasters happen, and they can be devastating, but they can also give people the break that they have been looking for to cut the cord to grid power or, just to improve the efficiency and aesthetic look of their existing home. Nobody wants a disaster to happen, but if it does, nobody should miss out on a chance to make things better than they ever were before.

Alexander Ruggie is the Public Relations Director for 911 Restoration, a home restoration company that specializes in disaster recovery and water damage solutions. Have an idea for a guest blog for Construction Today?

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