Three Tech Tools to Boost Construction Productivity and Lower Operating Costs

By James White 

Running a construction company or being a construction manager comes with a lot of challenges, and it isn’t always easy to keep operations efficient. Fortunately, there are several online tools that can streamline daily activities and keep projects running smoothly. Let’s take a look at these tools that will help increase your productivity and reduce operating costs.

1) BuildingBlok BuildingBlok helps you coordinate with different teams on one convenient interface. You can collaborate with team members via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone so everyone remains on the same page throughout all phases of a project. Document management is made easy through a global file manager where you can upload and save blueprints, contracts and other construction documents. You can also archive documents that aren’t being used at the moment, but may be important later on. The budget feature keeps tabs on your financial documents so you always know the details of your financial situation, including real time financial reports so you know how much a job is costing at any given time. By maintaining control over your budget, you can identify inefficiencies and take measures to avoid overspending. This platform also streamlines bidding and makes it easy to manage all of your construction-related contacts. Contractors have the ability to create their own profiles and state their areas of expertise. You can then communicate in real time to hasten the flow of information and quickly upload all bidding documents.

2) Fleet Management Solutions In the past, construction company owners and managers had limited control over managing equipment. However, nowadays there are several apps that make it easy to manage your entire fleet Security can be an issue, especially in certain locations. Machine System Security from Caterpillar can be utilized to prevent theft. In many cases, this will pay for itself when your company saves thousands of dollars by protecting high price equipment. Product Link™ can help you determine some areas where your fleet can improve in terms of efficiency. There is also the Vital Information Management System (VIMS) Supervisor, which takes information from a database and gives you production and maintenance reports on your fleet. You can often spot maintenance issues in advance and make repairs before they become a serious problem and cost an exorbitant amount of money.

3) The Cloud When it comes to the construction industry, the cloud can be used for everything from document tracking to data storage to monitoring project status. According to GetApp, “remote access to applications and information allows staff from construction companies to work collaboratively without being tied to a specific physical location. With cloud-based construction software, contractors can access their information from any device, portable computers, smartphones or tablets. The only thing you need is an Internet access.” This allows you to collaborate with contractors, subcontractors and architects while you’re in the office, out in the field or even at home. You and your team members can maintain clear communication and minor glitches can be immediately addressed. Implementing the right tech products into your construction company can be highly advantageous. Besides making the lives of you and your team members easier, you should see quicker project completion and more earnings.

James White is an experienced home improvement blogger who works in construction.

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