By Katherine Van Adzin

Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, one of metro Boston’s premier medical facilities, needed to relocate its general internal medicine (GIM) department through a fit out of a nearby 37,000-square-foot site. In addition, the hospital required a 4,000-square-foot diagnostic fit out on the first floor. The new department needed to be up and running by a fixed date and had to be moved from the midst of a functioning hospital into an occupied office building while minimizing disturbance to both locations.

GettyImages 912969272By Guy Barlow

Being relatively new to the tech explosion we shouldn’t be dazzled by the latest bright and shiny toys. We need to focus on some of the basic building blocks or concepts that ensure technology success before we take advantage of the many SaaS-based, best-of-breed applications in the market. Here are three areas to think about:

GettyImages 886026522Verifying worker training is the next frontier in accident reduction. IDcard, QR code, and mobile technology make it work.

By David Finkelstein

About one in 10 construction-site workers are injured every year, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This adds up to about 150,000 construction-site injuries annually, including nearly 1,000 deaths. 


By Roy Rasmussen

In the construction business, winning bids is everything. Even a small increase in your winning percentage can mean a substantial boost in revenue. One easy but important way you can boost your bid winning percentage is by making your bid proposals look more professional. A good-looking proposal makes you stand out from rival bidders and increasing your odds of winning the contract. Here are three simple but effective keys to making your bid proposals look more professional and win more contracts.

Blog 116 Labor Shortage SolutionsBy Brian Binke

Even though we are aware of the many factors that caused the skilled labor crisis, and there’s still no universal remedy for the labor shortage, there are some recommended steps that organizations can take to help attract and retain talent in the construction industry. 

Blog 115 Construction Labor ShortageBy Brian Binke

A skilled labor crisis has burdened organizations of all sizes in the construction industry for much of the past decade. Construction recruiting is as competitive as it has ever been as experts point to a variety of different causes ranging from retirement and increased building demand to the recession and a lack of vocational programs. Even though many CEOs might have their own reasons why there is labor shortage, it’s important to understand how each of these reasons have played a part in creating it in order to find legitimate solutions. 


image1By Lauren Topor-Reichert

Before you start that backyard deck addition or begin to break ground on that extended master suite project you’ve been thinking about, you should know that all home improvements are not created equal. Some improvements have high returns, while others can be major flops when it comes time to sell. What are buyers looking for these days? And, what are homeowners working on? Here are four exterior projects that are popular today.

Blog 112 Construction TeamBy Brian Binke

Building a high performing construction team takes careful thought and strategizing. In addition to hiring talented construction professionals, you need to train each team member to have the right combination of skills so that they are performing at their best. This includes developing their ability to collaborate, concentrate, and manage their stress. You also need systems in place to reinforce trust, productivity and efficiency.

shutterstock 749639473By Alessandra de Faria

Although there's no general technique for spec'ing trucks in every organization, companies employing the use of trucks in construction operations should familiarize themselves with certain aspects of the trucks in their fleet to ensure they're ready for any job. Weight requirements, operations, chassis selection and other variables should be considered when spec'ing trucks. Here are several steps you can take to ensure your fleet is prepared for any job site.

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